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Fraunhofer to use DivXNetworks' technology

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 05 Feb 2002 12:43

DivXNetworks announced today that it has licensed its DivX4 video compression technology to Fraunhofer Institute who will use DivXNetworks' technology in its projects to stream interactive 3D images in real time. Projects include virtual classroom where students can watch professors' lectures in 3D environment.
Fraunhofer is the technological institute behind the MP3 audio format and various other audio and video related research projects. DivXNetworks' DivX4 is extremely popular among movie pirates, but the company has desperately tried to gain more legitimate position among video compression developers.

Move might also signal that DivXNetworks has given certain promises to comply with MPEG-4 standards in its future versions (as Fraunhofer has a long tradition with MPEG compatible standards) -- currently DivX4 technology almost complies with ISO standards for MPEG-4 video, but not totally.

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