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Microsoft joins DVD+RW Alliance

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 25 Feb 2003 12:32 User comments (1)

In very unsuprising move, Microsoft, has finally joined officially to the DVD+RW Alliance which develops so-called "plus formats" in DVD recordable wars. Microsoft had already strong relationship with the DVD+RW format, since it developed integrated support for the format in Windows XP to use the format as a big floppy (Mt. Rainier technology).
The announcement might help DVD+RW Alliance to change the situation in the market place, where the rival format, DVD-R, is gaining momentum with cheaper disc prices and roster of big Japanese manufacturers supporting the format.


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126.2.2003 3:53

What does DVD+RW have to offer in terms of *real* benefits? Can it do anything that DVD-RW cannot> Why would one choose DVD+RW other than alliance to a particular hardware manufacturer? If DVD-RW is so much more compatible with set-top DVD players then there must be something that the DVD+RW people think their format is worthy of... but they're not voicing that very well, which will probably lead to their demise.

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