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DVD X Copy Xpress and Gold updated to 3.0.1

Written by Jari Ketola @ 31 Jul 2003 6:15 User comments (20)

The 321Studios have released an update to the DVD X Copy Xpress. At the same time they released a new version of the Gold -bundle, which includes the Xpress and the original XCopy. Note that 321Studios recommend that older version are uninstalled before installing this updated version.
DVD X Copy XPress 3.0.1
Please uninstall any previous versions of DVD X Copy XPRESS before installing version 3.0.1.

Changes in version 3.0.1 include:
  • Automatic update feature
  • Fixes a problem that would cause XPRESS to crash just before burning in "Whole Disc" mode.

  • Installing DVD X Copy XPRESS:

    Before installing any version of DVD X Copy XPRESS, please remove earlier versions by following these steps:
    1) Open Control Panel and double-click on Add/Remove Programs
    2) Select DVD X Copy XPRESS
    3) Click Change/Remove

    You may now start the install of DVD X Copy XPRESS by double-clicking the installation file.

    DVD X Copy Gold 3.01


    Please uninstall any previous versions of DVD X Copy Gold before installing version 3.0.1.

    Changesin 3.0.1 include:
  • Now contains the latest version of DVD X Copy XPRESS

  • Installing DVD X Copy Gold:

    Before installing any version of DVD X Copy Gold, please remove earlier versions by following these steps:

    1) Open Control Panel and double-click on Add/Remove Programs
    2) Select DVD X Copy Gold
    3) Click Change/RemoveGet it from 321Studios

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    20 user comments

    11.8.2003 19:22

    xcopy xpress still crashes before writing disc. what am i doing wrong? It worked perfectly with the trial version than I bought the full version. It worked 4 times. Now it's crashing before it writes a disc. I uninstalled the program, than reinstalled it again. Still nothing. windowsMe, HP300i. dvdxcopyxpress. can someone suggest anything anything at all? wish I married a smart pc geel @ this point.

    22.8.2003 0:14

    ltldawny: a) Since the trial worked fine on your particular system, I suspect there is nothing wrong with your setup. b) Since Xpress at least worked four times, again, I suspect that your setup is fine. (The problem has got to be something simple). Make sure you have the latest version (3.0.1), and visit either or -- Mike --

    32.8.2003 13:03

    ihavejust tried xpress version 3 and found that the copied dvd is an unknown format and will not play on any player or on dvd program on computer,is this another bug to be dealt with

    42.8.2003 15:22

    OMG this is really annoying me. I downloaded the Forcedaspi and still this program will NOT work. Does anyone have suggestions? PLEASE help.

    52.8.2003 16:52

    This Really Pisses me off I just spent 70.00$ on DVD X-copy express thinking it was going to burn the whole disc menus trailers and all the extras and all i get is the movie Then i downloaded the new 3.0 version update to dvd x-copy and it has this entire disk option im thinking you can burn the menu chapters and everything but this is bullshit after i burn it it doesn't give me any of it you cant even watch the damn thing this is really pissing me off can anyone tell me if DVD X-Copy Gold is better than this version? can you get all the extras with xcopy express or not?

    Trine Perales

    62.8.2003 17:02

    can't backup soprano's 2nd season 1 disc and soprano's 3rd season 4th disc. Just comes up with errors

    72.8.2003 17:06

    ok if express3.0.0 is now updates to express3.0.1 than where is it so I can try and download that to see if the stupid thing stops freezing when itry to burn.

    82.8.2003 17:42

    Guys. I and/or many others can answer all of your questions, but we're not supposed to do it here in the News Update section! 3.0.1 does what it's supposed to do; what it promises to do - I know, I use it! YES, tring-g, Full Menus. ALL. Please visit the dvdxcopy forum!

    92.8.2003 17:50

    so where can u get the upgrade?for 3.0.1? can some one send me the link?

    102.8.2003 18:22

    If you are already a registered owner:

    113.8.2003 2:04

    Been there done that. Everytime I downlooad from there it still shows that the version is # 3.0.0 . never says version 3.0.1 ,,, so it must be the same crappy version. Thanks for ur help but I just think I'm going to give up on this program. Jeez it worked so good before. I am so disappointed.

    123.8.2003 8:52

    smart ripper I had purchased dvd detective. now it seems as though they are no more as the sitey link me is unknown. Whemn I try to use smart ripper, I am told that the asp module is missing. Where can I get ASP or FORCE ASP.EXE

    133.8.2003 17:35

    dvdxcopyxpress is great and dvdxcopy delele your dvdxcopy and redown load again go to there and get all the info. you wont be disapointed

    143.8.2003 22:26

    dec-46 -- Very odd this.....your link and my link are exactly the same, and that's where * I * got Xpress 3.0.1, and so I have no idea why ltldawny cannot seem to obtain anything but version 3.0.0. Loug - your questions are in the wrong thread. Please check the Main Forum Page descriptions for a more appropriate section. A good start would be: Also, what you are looking for is right in front of you!

    This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 03 Aug 2003 @ 22:36

    158.8.2003 7:28

    downloaded express 3.01 this morning again and tried it ,but it still copying to an unknown format so it still wont play on any player what so england these dvd blank discs are rather expensive and this is making backing up movies more expensive than going out and buying the original over again.anyone buying this product better have money to throw away,because thats all i seem to be doing.VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH 321 STUDIOS

    1624.8.2003 18:15

    DISAPPOINTED WITH 321 STUDIOS Don`t be. Go to there web. Ask for help I like mine both dvdxcopyxpress is great and dvdxcopy DElete and go download again. gotta be something simple

    1725.10.2004 15:38

    I am looking for an Update for DVD X Copy Xpress, I need the update for the entire disk.

    1822.6.2006 5:17


    1922.6.2006 6:36

    rustyb05 read the site rules and turn off caps.. 9. No ALL CAPS MESSAGES or you will be banned (you know, turn the caps lock off before you type anything). all the rules and your posting in the wrong site go here to the xpress board

    203.7.2006 12:27

    I have dvd x copy gold. I was wondering if I could get all the updates for it being I never updated it before. I have owned it since 03 and I do know they are out of business. My problem is it is working less and less. please help. mike

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