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PCs may help decide who wins the war

Written by Dave Horvath @ 06 Jun 2006 8:15 User comments (42)

PCs may help decide who wins the war The war between Sony's Blu-Ray technology and Toshiba's HD-DVD has been compared by many as the old drawn out battle between VHS and Betamax. Each competing for industry standardization, hoping for the huge royalties that will come from manufacturers using their products.
Recent discussions at the Computex trade show have shown different PC manufacturers showing their support all over the board. Companies like Dell, the world's largest PC manufacturer, has clearly stated they are in support of the Blu-Ray technology. While their competition, and 2nd largest PC maker, Hewlett Packard, states that their new machines will offer their customers both HD-DVD as well as Blu-Ray.

Smaller, but equally as powerful companies like Acer and Asustek Computer Inc. say they have plans for using both players, but were only showing off laptops with the HD-DVD technology in place. They were quoted as to saying that a lack of supply has left them without a working Blu-Ray model. "Right now we have no supply (of Blu-ray drives)," said Asustek's Vicki Hsiao. "We're expecting some this month."

Several disc manufacturers were showing off both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray formats, however Chairman Bob Wong of CMC Magnetics Corp., the world's largest compact disc producer said that Blu-Ray's technology is a good six months behind HD-DVD.

With the battle lines drawn, it's still anyone's ballgame as to who will eventually reign supreme in this format war. Price seems to be the foremost thing on consumer's minds regarding which format is adopted. As supplies are made more readily available, we should see prices drop dramatically. Until then, it seems that from a consumer's standpoint, this battle is more of a spectator sport between the corporation than an honest effort to bring the next big technological breakthrough to the masses.


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42 user comments

16.6.2006 8:25

How about we just stick with DVD? -Mike

26.6.2006 8:52

How about we just stick with DVD?
Sounds like a nice plan to me. However, they will eventually make the DVD obsulete. :( Plus the HD DVDs (HD DVD & Blu-Ray) sounds promising. Except for the copy-protection, they will be awesome compared to the DVD! Plus, the copy-protection won't really be anything new. It's just AACS. Although it hasn't been cracked yet, as computers become faster, the cracking algorithm will also become faster!
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36.6.2006 8:53

Oops, can someone change that second quote to actual comment. Thanks in advance! P.S. Shouldn't there be a preview post option or something?

46.6.2006 9:23

my vote is for Blu-ray, but they won't see any of my money until the price decreases incredibly. I am not going to get into why, but my money stays with me at least for another 1-2yrs.

56.6.2006 9:29

i'm goin for blu-ray

66.6.2006 10:58

gogochar - fixed :-) If you want to edit news comments in future, you have to go to the "News Comments" forum ;)

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76.6.2006 11:21

I think whoever can get to market with a player under 250$ will win hands down and must have a fast burn time or its usless

86.6.2006 11:28

DVD sounds good to me.

96.6.2006 11:30

I have only brought 1 pack 10 DL DVD because I found them for 15 bucks. Now hmm 1 Blu-ray disk is 20-25 bucks not much of a deal. Ill pass.

106.6.2006 11:32

this battle will be over by next year, with the majority of adopters going with the cheaper drive and media forcing the other camp to falter. HD-DVD is the clear winner. While I'm a fan of Blu-ray for its increased storage capacity the fact that assembly lines need to be retooled to make the discs while HD-DVD can be made with existing equipment is a winner. Price will be the only factor. Hopefully by the time the players become more afordable we'll have a HD-DVD Decrypter available for our use, until that time I'll stick with regluat DVDs.

116.6.2006 11:41

of CMC Magnetics Corp
There's something about that that makes me not actually give a monkeys about that opinion. At present, I don't really hope anyone wins, I hope that they'll stop flipping arguing and allow combinations of the two, there's too much at stake - we may end up keeping both, which blows if certain films are HD-DVD only and others BD-V only. Guess what? We'll need to buy both! Fat chance, buy me a PS3 and have done with it. Download anything that's in HD instead... :D

136.6.2006 12:14

I guess I just don't see how this is even a battle. Their video capabilities will be identical, and they will both have their own copy protection. But the protections for both formats will be broken within a year after people start to use them, so the only other factor is storage capacity. So, in theory, Blu-ray should win hands down. But this is all just a big corporate game, and the winner will be whoever can persuade the consumer with creativity, phrases like "newest technology" and "cutting-edge," as well as buying out the movie production companies that make your favorite movies.

146.6.2006 13:54

No, not to hell with PS3. You actually believe that's going to make it that slow? If you looked at it on the basis of those figures the PS3 would barely run lemmings. I've seen what the PS3's capable of, and it's more than those figures suggest.

156.6.2006 13:59

Hopefully somebody will come up with hybrid recorders. Thats what I want. IF they can make a DVD-RW/CD-RW then they should be able to make a drive that reads and writes to CD, DVD, HD-DVD, and Blu-ray. The same goes for consumer players for TV. I am not about to have all these different units connected to my TV. I could care less what format wins as long as they can make it affordable enough for the "average joe" to get it. I am not about to drop $500 - $1000 on a player/recorder when DVD Players are $49 -$99 and the blank discs are less than 30 cents for single layer and under $2 for dual layer.

166.6.2006 14:27

HALTRON: Thanks for the link. It was interesting but this is only the beginning of the PS3. Their systems will get better over time. Look at how many improvements they've made with the PS2 over the years. bobiroc: Your right!!! I won't be rushing out to buy all this equipment any time soon. The prices will come down within the next couple of years and I believe that they will eventually develop a player/recorder which will support all of these formats - lets hope!!!

176.6.2006 14:42

The price is way to high on both. Either one looks good to me. But ill just wait until one wins out, then ill invest.

186.6.2006 14:49

It's what we'd all like, but unlike CD to DVD and DVD+R to DVD-R, these are proprietary formats that don't like being mixed...

196.6.2006 15:34

"It's what we'd all like, but unlike CD to DVD and DVD+R to DVD-R, these are proprietary formats that don't like being mixed..." I guess only time will tell, but if I am not mistaken the current HD-DVD players play DVDs and CDs don't they. I am sure it can be done, it is just a matter of time.

206.6.2006 15:44

PS3 will help blue-ray A LOT ( and the majority of studios now moving to Blu-ray ) Even disney it with blue-ray ( all the rich children will get a PS3 AND blue-ray movies ) and all the sony studios ( A LOT, even da vinci code is from a sony studios..., all on blue-ray ) so I'dd say the battle in the living room is already won by blue-ray. In the computer I don't know... Dell is with bd so I suppose bd have a great advantage! ps: PS3 is nothing of this stats lol, you should have seen it at the E3. I'm really impressed with the ps3, I'll buy one ( same price as xbox360, because the premium bundle of xbox360 features exactly the same as the core ps3 without a blue-ray player, so ps3 win if they can give great games. and for no-where, final fantasy 13s is on ps3, as well as a gears of war killer(i soppose) UT2K7. N look real good, but I won't buy an x360 only for a game... (mistwalker is taking too long) ). So I'm pretty sure the BD will win, ps: if you tought BD would cost more than HD-DVD it's not true ( maybe on pc, but for the movies not at all ), They're already showing prices for the bd movies ( I even saw a tv ad about a movie "now in dvd, and coming into blue-ray" :| Those movie will start at 19$ I don't think it's big money for new technology ) Anyway in the HD-DVD it's 15-27gigs and BD it' 53gigs... ex: xbox360 have to compress their games to put in inside an HD-DVD, ps3 games won't have to be compressed at all, ps: hd-textures takes A LOT of space, that's why you'll never see a ps2 game with hd-textures, even x360 doesn't have all their textures in hd ( not a lot in hd ). And if the ps3 sells 5m copies it's 5m blue-ray consumers whose lowering the cost!!!! Also, the psp didn't have great games at start but sold out FAST, so I suppose it's more loyalty to the brand, like we have a ps1 and a ps2 and never felt like we were let down, so ps3 will sell, even without games. So blue-ray wins! =D

216.6.2006 15:51

That's pretty much what I expect to see happen, or atleast hope to see happen. And Xbox360 doesn't even use HD-DVD yet, so PS3 will have an immediate advantage over Xbox360, being the first console to release true HD games.

226.6.2006 16:13

couldn't say it better my self...and do u think if it's an option for the 360 for and HD-DVD player (external) do u really think people will pay extra for the external atactchment? Microsoft screwed up b/c they whanted to be the first to realease there console adn there gonna suffer with the limited amound of space they're gonna have with 4.7 GB. people are like this...if it dosen't come with in box there not going buy it...the ps2 had the option of a HDD, but no one bought it. (except for Final Fantacy online pack...i don't see that around anymore).

236.6.2006 16:21

holodisc anyone?

246.6.2006 18:52

hmm, the InPhase holographic media have more capacity, but the Holographic drives still not available, ill choose Blu-ray! its have more capacity than HD-DVD. but i will not buy Blu-ray drives until the price drop and the write speed is increase to 24x. and im not sure with Blu-ray and HD-DVD data quality. my MAXELL DVD-R when have many scratches, its already hard to read, but my old CD-R with more many screathes, still easy to read. with the High data density of Blu-ray dan HD-DVD, maybe with just a few scratches, and the disc will be completely not readable.

256.6.2006 19:52

Recently I have read that Macrovision has become the Impenatrable Lock (LMFAO) that will keep Blu-ray and HD DVD safe from those who would exert their fair use rights... oops... I mean those nasty pirate consumers! ;-)

266.6.2006 20:00

Here's my take. In the consumer media market (R, RW and such) HD-DVD will win mainly because of cost and backward compatibility of the drives. Where BR will win will be with the studios of course (more "stringent" security and major studio backing). The high cost of BR royalties and higher manufacturing overhead will simply elevate the cost and BR will not be mass adopted by consumers of the media (for R/RW purposes). What you can fit on a BR that you can't on HD-DVD media due to capacity contraints is going to be marginal as far as media output quality is concerned and thus the capacity selling point of BR will be a non-factor. Ask yourself, simply because a movie is on a higher capacity BR disk, is it going to look any better than on an HD-DVD? Look at the actual feature space used on a production DVD9 discs today. If HDCP ever gets cracked, people are going to trash the extras and burn to HD-DVD...again cheaper, more versatile media. Between these two formats, a plethora of multiformat players will arrive and we'll be back to the DVD-R vs. DVD+R scenario and it will not matter. Personally I'm all for HD-DVD but until HD-DVD gets cracked I'll be content with upscaling my plain old DVD's to 1080i over component with my Zenith DVB318's old firmware.

276.6.2006 20:28

I do agree that video quality will be identical because it's been demonstrated already that movies will never fill all the space on a disc, and there is no reason for them to. You mentioned backwards compatibility for HD-DVD, but that is incorrect. The only way HD-DVD drives could be backwards compatible is with a second, red laser for reading DVDs, adding to the cost. Regardless of which format you like, until they get off their high horses and make things affordable, I would definitely recommend following YYZ and just get an HDTV (a very good investment, believe me) and a good DVD player with HD support and component out ($100 or less). And my personal recommendation is to get a surround sound system as well :) They are becoming exceedingly cheaper and its definitely worth the money.

287.6.2006 6:04

At the moment Bluray drives cosy $350 to MAKE let alone sell in retail, so PS3 it is. The 360 fanboys will buy the external HD-DVD drive, but the averahe consumer won't. More cost, more hassle. Besides, by the time you buy a premium xbox 360 package and add whatever the cost of that HDDVD drive is, it'll be about how much a PS3 is anyway.

297.6.2006 7:05

blueray has more storage, but HD is going to be cheaper i read a HD movie weighs in at about 15GB roughly, and if the extra storage is just full of more special feature shite and HD is cheaper i will defo go with HD over blueray. as for gaming, i think microsoft made a mistake with no HD. but id perfer to buy the 360 for games, and then either a hd dvd or blueray player for films. i defitnly dont like the idea of having to have a blueray player in the ps3 or the COST !! so will probs buy when its cheaper, but i dont rush out and buy things anyway. next purchase for me is a 360 which i probally wont buy untill the first price slash.

307.6.2006 14:33

sammorris: This is true. You will also have the advantage of the Bluray player in the PS3. I am also already hearing advertisement on TV of movies coming to Bluray soon!!!

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"...Just another brick in the wall" -Pink Floyd.
Please, don't become another "Brick!!!"
You have a brain, use it!!!

317.6.2006 14:48

They will, and more studios support that format I think.

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328.6.2006 7:31

sammorris: Yep, your right. The movie studios are in support of this new format. Congrats on you new rank of "AfterDawn Addict". I believe you have earned it as much as you are on here!!!

"...Just another brick in the wall" -Pink Floyd.
Please, don't become another "Brick!!!"
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338.6.2006 8:32

Lol that's not always good to hear... I'm a geek!

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348.6.2006 14:25

I know what you mean. This is a wonderful site and for people, such as myself, who need help time to time. It takes people like you to help keep it up along with the staff as well.

"...Just another brick in the wall" -Pink Floyd.
Please, don't become another "Brick!!!"
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358.6.2006 14:30

And yet another set of red cheeks. Lol. Glad to hear it!

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368.6.2006 20:18

Daemonzx6, "Backward compatibility will be available with ALL HD DVD players requiring consumers to have a single drive their homes to play both HD DVD and DVD discs." "Due to the structure of the single-lens optical head, both red and blue laser diodes can be used in smaller, more compact HD DVD players than for the competing Blu-ray drives." I do admit however that having this built in compatibility may add cost to the player units (I think only by a very small margin), but in the long run (consumer) media cost and player versatility will win out.

379.6.2006 6:13

And the PS3's drive isn't small and compact? How much smaller do you want. As far as I heard a Bluray laptop had already been made too.

389.6.2006 6:41

sammorris: They have already gotten the Blueray laptops out!!! I know that Samsung has one out-$3500+!!! I'll wait. One other company has also released one but I don't remember which it was!!!

399.6.2006 6:47

Probably Sony I expect. Think of how much money that is to lose if you damage it! I'd never buy a laptop that expensive, for a start the battery life is usually about 40 minutes.

4010.6.2006 15:39

I actually believe it's a Toshiba.

4110.6.2006 15:39

And it was closer to the $4000 mark!!!

4211.6.2006 3:20

Ouch. Not for me then!

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