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Creative introduces 16GB Zen V Plus

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 02 Aug 2007 15:42 User comments (8)

Creative introduces 16GB Zen V Plus Creative has introduced an upgrade to their Zen V Plus line of MP3 players, with the latest player being able to hold 16GB of flash memory which is double the space of the largest iPod Nano or any other comparable flash based player.
The Zen V Plus line distinguishes itself from other comparable players by its selection of skin colors, its 1.5-inch OLED screen, and line-in recording functions.

The player also supports MP3, WMA and IMA ADPCM music files.

The player currently is only sold in Singapore for $260 USD but Creative expects to move it to the US in the next few months.


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8 user comments

12.8.2007 22:38

This is not a bad little thing to compete with the Ipod Nano.

23.8.2007 6:58

sigh* I'm still waiting on a pmp that supports my .flac and .ogg files

33.8.2007 9:12

FYI the sandisk Sansa was the first 8gb flash mp3. Anyways nice going creative. I don't like Apple, I find them to be ripping people off.

43.8.2007 9:35

I guess I would rather have this then an iPod but most of these MP3 players just are not designed well. You can't exchange the battery with a fresh one. No card slot for additional memory. Can't handle lossless like WMA Lossless or flac. It does have a customizable EQ which is a big plus and I've heard the Zen's actually sound OK unlike others i.e., Sandisk. You can get about 160 hours of quality music from it based on MP3 songs ripped at 320K which is around 1600 (4 minute songs).

53.8.2007 13:00

the zen also has a better resolution than the ipod

63.8.2007 15:18

i just got me a 4gb zen v plus like a week ago. its great and makes ipod look even worse. and now there 16gb god damn that big for there size

76.8.2007 17:35

I've had three different creative players and have never looked at buying an ipod...granted their good to look at ...but let down by battery life and features....Currently have the Zen Vision M 60gb ..although I think the mrs has adopted this as hers since I showed her how to upload songs.....great for watching sis had the smaller zens with the radio and they were pretty 16gb is splenty (seeing as presently I have had to use my 1gb Sony Walkman Phone)

814.8.2007 19:15

Have a Zen Vision:M, Zen Vision:W, and a Zen Micro. Love all three. I will look at Creative when I need another player.

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