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NBC confirms rumors about YouTube channel vanishing

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 23 Oct 2007 11:29 User comments (5)

NBC confirms rumors about YouTube channel vanishing An NBC representative confirmed on Monday that the network will no longer be posting video clips on YouTube to promote their television shows. While the move shouldn't surprise anyone who's followed the saga of NBC Universal's ongoing love/hate relationship with the viral video leader, the timing still seems a little odd.
According to rumours that were confirmed by NBC yesterday, the network's YouTube Channel was discontinued over the weekend to prepare for the launch of the NBC Universal and News Corp. joint video venture called Hulu. What's strange is that Hulu hasn't even launched yet, leaving what appears to be a huge marketing void that will last until either Hulu is successful or NBC decides to return to distribution through third parties like YouTube.

YouTube certainly hasn't given up on the partnership. In an email YouTube spokesman Ricardo Reyes said "NBC informed us on Friday that they were taking down their branded channel and clips." He added "Our relationship with NBC was a YouTube success story, so we hope NBC decides to post more original content and stay engaged with our users."

Source: Cnet News

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5 user comments

123.10.2007 13:08

if Hulu fails, blame Zucker for pulling the trigger on the co-op with News Corp. too quickly. Btw, isn't this too Devils sleeping in the same bed now? NBC + FOX = Armageddon? Me thinks YouTube will always be 100x as popular as anything those two come up with.

YT, 1
Hulu, -100000000000000000000000000000

223.10.2007 21:25

Don't blame FOX for this. Zucker 's taken his brain out to play with it and dropped it once too often.

Just my $.04 (Inflation)

323.10.2007 21:25

Don't blame FOX for this. Zucker 's taken his brain out to play with it and dropped it once too often.

Just my $.04 (Inflation)

424.10.2007 17:25

So basically all this is, is a move in a different direction.

526.10.2007 8:21

As I have said before, network CEOs are all morons! They got the job by taking credit for market trends they know nothing about. Why people watch a show is too complex to be knowable. They get the job claiming they know what is going on.

I will never forget when they took the number 2 show from its spot on Sunday evening for years to put it up against #1 in the middle of the week. No one watched it after the move nor did they watch anything on that channel on Sunday after that.

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