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EMI sued Michael Robertson

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 11 Nov 2007 18:32 User comments (5)

EMI sued Michael Robertson The EMI Group has lived up to its threats and has sued online music industry executive Michael Robertson for copyright infringement on Friday. Robertson was the original founder of, which ended up paying out $100 million to record companies to settle a similar case. Several EMI-owned labels have filed lawsuits against Robertson and MP3tunes LLC for willful infringement of copyright.
The company runs both and In an interview, Robertson said that he had not seen the lawsuit but that it was more than likely retaliation for a lawsuit MP3tunes filed against EMI in September over a take-down notice it received over, a search engine for digital music files.

"These guys rush off to court and tell the court that I am terrible and then they end up buying my company," Robertson said. "It is really a shame because instead of using these technologies to improve their business they make an enemy of every technology company out there." Robertson's was sold to Vivendi's Universal Music Group for $385 million.

EMI's complaint says that Robertson's two web sites offer an integrated music service, allowing users to listen to music on their computers, obtain copies of songs online, transfer music to their computers and portable devices, and distribute it to others. It claims that Robertson sold and "ultimately started this one as a vehicle to achieve a comparable infringing purpose."

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5 user comments

111.11.2007 23:54

Who is next?

Limewire's CEO.. ?? hahaha, cmon man. p2p will never die, point blank.

212.11.2007 3:13

i am not a violent person as a rule but it seems to me that a number of so-called humans require beating insensible or worse with a large frozen blue-fin tuna. Most of them seem to be lawyers and they and others really require an anti-viral, anti-worm solution inserting in their ears. Or maybe nail them up in a wooden horse then burn it?

312.11.2007 12:09

I sure hope joox dot net doesn't get boughtout, this site is awesome compared to all of the other streaming media sites around.

419.11.2007 0:52

Originally posted by Hrdrk20:
I sure hope joox dot net doesn't get boughtout, this site is awesome compared to all of the other streaming media sites around.
You do know that all joox dot net does is leech off stage6?

51.12.2007 21:59

they both haveto learn to play nice.

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