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Netflix begins offering unlimited "instant" viewing for movies

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 28 Dec 2007 18:55 User comments (11)

Netflix begins offering unlimited "instant" viewing for movies The popular video rental service Netflix has begun testing a new feature of its online Streaming video service which they hope will "combine the strengths of physical movie rentals and online streaming."
The company has offered a few of its users access to an unlimited version of its Watch Instantly feature. Once "unlocked", movie titles "can be seen as often as the customer likes", Netflix says.

Currently the catalog of titles that support the unlocking feature is Limited but has expanded to 6000 titles. "The service requires a Windows XP or Vista system with Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, and high-speed Internet access but is likely to be available to all of Netflix' user base sometime in 2008. The company is not expected to offer a Mac version or DVD burning due to copyright restrictions from most studios."


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11 user comments

130.12.2007 5:24

I have the "4 out at a time" plan, and I must say, I NEVER use instant viewing. I think the idea is cool, however, my monitor is not... nor is the vast majority of my friends.

Somewhat pointless, in my honest opinion.

230.12.2007 5:47

I also have the "4 out at a time" plan and have only used the instant viewing option a couple of times. I really love it! What I don't love is the fact there are so few movies, mostly only older movies available. If they were allowed to put EVERY movie they have on the instant viewing service then I would NEVER need a DVD mailed to me again. Sure the computer monitor isn't that great for watching movies but that wouldn't keep me from hooking my computer's 2nd DVI port up to a HDTV and watch them from there. Give me a service with all the latest Movies AND tv shows for a reasonable monthly fee and I would be there.

330.12.2007 15:07

Unlimited.....till they realize you use it too much and throttle your bandwidth.
sorry that joke was too easy.

430.12.2007 15:30

/\ /\ /\
|| || ||
|| || ||

What a douche.

530.12.2007 16:39

This sounds promising.

631.12.2007 0:16

I've used it to see a few movies. The ulimited viewing idea is really good however I don't think I'd use it more than I do now. Only time would tell.....

731.12.2007 2:34

I have the "cheapo" one-at-a-time plan and bolster it with 8 hours of online viewing. I've seen some great old movies and TV shows online.
I love it. I hope they go online with all movies soon. I will be using a mail forwarding service to my computer as I won't have a physical address when I retire.

831.12.2007 13:27

I used to love to buy cd's but I've been so dissapointed with some that I've bought that I just gave up. You used to buy cd's and the whole cd was great but now your lucky if one other song than the one you've heard is worth listening to. I've basically have given up on mainstream music and leave it on rant radio industrial for the last three or four years. Especially where I live (Jacksonville FL.), there just aren't any really good stations. I'd love it if I could listen to the old KSHE from ST. Louis, with their mascot SweetMeat the pig. They used to be on the net but discontinued for some reason? They used to have a great playlist because they'd play all the old rock'n roll with the new alternative plus some "b" sides. Kinda off the subject there sorry??

91.1.2008 12:00

I've been with Netflix since day 1. Switched over the years to multiple plans, highest being the 8 out plan for over a year.

The Streaming is real nice. it works fast and good.

Its nice to watch certain things on it like TV SHOW series like HERO's.

you can watch the entire season with no commercials and what not. It's really a nice thing.

But like someone else said, It's only a matter of time till they restrict the bandwidth.

102.1.2008 1:17

If Netflix does anything it will be to restrict your viewing time. It will be your ISP that throttles your bandwidth.

112.1.2008 7:55

Originally posted by rockjckey:
If Netflix does anything it will be to restrict your viewing time. It will be your ISP that throttles your bandwidth.
This is true.

Currently I have Blockbuster Total Access, but I like the idea of the online viewing thru Netflix. Unfortunately I have Wildblue Satelite internet b/c it is the only high speed available. They limit my Bandwidth to only 12GB a month, so this won't work for me.

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