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SanDisk launches Sansa Clip+

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 31 Aug 2009 15:22 User comments (5)

SanDisk launches Sansa Clip+ SanDisk has announced the launch of the Sansa Clip+ MP3 player, which uses a microSD slot for added memory.
The player will work with SanDisk's slotRadio and slotMusic cards, which are cards purchased from retailers with preloaded music on them. You can of course add your own music to a microSD card and play it back.

"We made a great product -- the Sansa Clip -- even better,"
said Eric Bone, vice president, retail product marketing, SanDisk. "This small player packs big features, including a new microSD memory card slot that gives music lovers the ability to listen to thousands of additional songs in seconds. It's the perfect player for travelers, busy moms, fitness buffs or anyone looking to enjoy music without the hassle of loading songs from their computer or updating playlists."

The company also says the player is the first Windows 7 certified MP3 player.

The player should be available in multiple colorways, and available at Best Buy on August 31st. 2GB model will sell for $39.99, 4GB will sell for $49.99, and 8GB for $69.99 USD.

From the press release:
* Superior sound - one of the best sounding MP3 players on the market
* microSD expansion slot which is compatible with slotRadio and slotMusic cards and any standard microSD card
* A wearable clip for hands-free portability and effortless enjoyment of digital music on the go
* Large(1"), bright (OLED) screen with a simple user interface that makes it easy to choose playlists or songs sorted by title, artist, album, genre
* FM tuner with 40 presets for listening to sports, tuning in at the gym or your favorite music station
* Built-in microphone to record thoughts while on the go
* Equalizer mode to fine tune the listening experience
* Rechargeable, lithium ion battery with up to 15 hours of life2 - one of the most competitive battery performances for an MP3 player of its size on the market today
* Solid state flash memory for skip-free playback of music
* Support for many music download and subscription services including Rhapsody®, Napster, eMusic and others
* Designed to work seamlessly with a wide range of music formats, such as MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis and Audible files (for audio books), in both unprotected and protected files

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5 user comments

131.8.2009 16:45

I have a Sansa Fuse. Well built product. Plays music just like an Ipod but cost a LOT less.

231.8.2009 18:21

"large 1" screen"

331.8.2009 19:23

this is very good news since i already have a fuze love it and WONT go back to any other MP3 player bc of the microsd slot now that the clip has this built in i will seriously consider this since i can get one a hell of alot less than most mp3 players out there 8gb for about $70 with expanded memory why would yoi not get it? it practically sells itself!! - BLUEBOY

431.8.2009 21:36

Well done Sandisk. Looks like I've found my next MP3 player.

53.9.2009 13:34

glassd, the newer ones are not like an ipod they are conciderably superior in both hardware and software for crazy cheap. In 2008 they took 10% of the sales from Apple. This year they will probably do the same. No company has beat up Apple like that since IBM came out with their PC. The I got a 16 G Sansa View this year for 65 USD. We have all the name brand players in our house. The kids are always trying to steal the View. I is by far the nicest player I have ever seen. The screen is more vivid than any I have seen. It plays just about any major audio format including oggs. It also takes a chip. Oh did I say battery life for audio is a wopping 32 hrs? Oh and it will not delete all your music of kill your ipod if you plug it into a different computer than your usual one. Yes KILL.

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