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Industry-backed BNI Video offers software for TV giants

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 12 Oct 2010 23:50

Industry-backed BNI Video offers software for TV giants BNI Video, a start-up backed by Comcast Corp, Time Warner Cable Inc, and Cisco Systems Inc, launched on Tuesday, offering software that can help satellite and cable providers attempt to keep up with rapidly changing viewer behavior and demands.
The start-up's software will aid in offering functions like search and social networking to subscribers of pay-TV services. It has raised $16 million in financing so far, backed by Charles River Ventures and Castile Ventures.

Cable providers are responding to demands from a new generation of TV viewers, who watch television content on their smartphones, tablet computers and other devices, but have a clear appetite for more features to be available while viewing the video. The TV giants also require the technology to deliver video in a wide variety of formats and to many devices that are now used to commonly view programming.

BNI Video's products will cover a broad range of devices. Viewers have more choice now than ever for tuning in, and spend a lot more time using social networks and other services. BNI will enable pay-TV providers to add those features for subscribers as well as bulked up services for their gadgets.

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