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AfterDawn's 13th birthday

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 10 Jun 2012 17:25 User comments (31)

AfterDawn's 13th birthday Wow, another year has passed. Our site is now officially thirteen years old, a teenager in normal years, a grandparent in Internet years.
This year, I simply want to thank all of our staff members, moderators and users for keeping this site alive and kicking for all these years. These have been great years and I expect many more great years to follow.

Thank you.

-Petteri Pyyny, CEO
AfterDawn Oy

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31 user comments

110.6.2012 17:42

WOW HAPPY BIRTHDAY AFTERDAWN!! My Home Page for the last 5 years


210.6.2012 18:26

Happy Birthday AD! Another great year of reporting on Technews!

Carpe Noctem

310.6.2012 18:27

Happy birthday youngster!

410.6.2012 18:27

... And 10 years being mine! Always bringing news, guides and software in a cool site which is constantly expanding and being improved.

Happy Birthday and thank you, afterdawn!

"You know, it seems that quotes on the internet are becoming less and less reliable." -Abraham Lincoln.

510.6.2012 18:53

happpy bday!

Being nice always has its own consequences

610.6.2012 19:30

cheers afterdawn.

710.6.2012 20:01

Happy Birthday guys.

810.6.2012 20:07


910.6.2012 20:09

Happy Birthday AD.

1010.6.2012 21:05

Yes indeed, HBD.

It's such a shame old timers have to be such stick in the mud.

If they want social networking join Twitter and/or Facebook.


1110.6.2012 21:19

Happy Birthday AD

1210.6.2012 21:42

Happy Birthday AD and all it's members.

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1310.6.2012 22:41

I found this site while trying to learn something about video or some such. I can't imagine doing it without you. Everyone I show this site to thanks me profusely.
Keep up the awesome work.
It's been a long while and a great trip.

Happy Birthday AD

1410.6.2012 22:42

Happy Birthday and high fives, AfterDawn!!

Life is good!
GrandpaBruce - Vietnam Vet - 1970 - 1971
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1511.6.2012 0:23

Honoured to be part of such an awesome site. Whats kept me coming back daily is the news section.

1611.6.2012 1:43

Happy Birthday :) Afterdawn I know i havent been a regular visitor since mid 00's but i have to say u are the site that kept my interest in computers and have helped me get employment in I.T Help Desk work now and its been 2 years and this site is a site to thank.

Happy Birthday and many many happy returns :)

Edited by DVDBack23

"the mediocre teacher tells. the good teacher explains. the superior teacher demonstrates. the great teacher inspires."- William Aruthur Ward

1711.6.2012 3:08

Happy 13th. thought is no Friday and it's great to know it !

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1811.6.2012 3:50

Happy B'day! It's been my home for the last 5 years :) Thank you!

1911.6.2012 4:30

Happy birthday, Afterdawn. May you continue to grow and keep us apprised of all tech news.

2111.6.2012 7:06

Happy Birthday Afterdawn...even though everyday has me occupied and I don't post as much I do read the stories daily

to burn or not to burn that is the question

need help w/ media read this

2211.6.2012 8:45


2311.6.2012 11:47

*lurk lurk lurk randomly pounces and humps someones leg*

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2412.6.2012 14:44

How remiss of me...

Happy 13th guys! I've only passed that 3.91 times now... To be 13 again... Hell, 26!

I would say 36, but shit REALLY started going down hill about then...

2513.6.2012 13:36

And another year goes by....


2614.6.2012 11:59

Wow, keep the good stuff coming. Congratulations!!!!!!

2714.6.2012 15:00

Happy Birthday AD. Your site has been helpful and enjoyable for me. Job well done.

2814.6.2012 20:53

Happy Birthday AD! This site has helped me a lot over those years.
Great job everyone.

2915.6.2012 2:42

Happy Birthday

3015.6.2012 9:38

happy birthday AD

3116.6.2012 12:17

It is great for a nice website, and I wish you will go longer.

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