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Spotify no longer supported by Safari

Written by Matti Vähäkainu @ 10 Sep 2017 10:44

Spotify no longer supported by Safari Spotify and Apple became direct competitors in June 2015 when the world's largest company decided to up their game in terms of music services. Spotify was, and is still, the leader in streaming music, and Apple was the king of the previous music revolution.

Now it seems that Spotify has been struck with a slight nuisance as Apple has removed the support for Spotify in their web browser. Spotify's web player no longer works on Safari, MacRumors has noted. However, even though it sounds like an extension of the scuffle they are currently having in the music space, it is likely not related to the competition in the least.

See, Apple's browser doesn't support a plugin called Widevine, which is required by Spotify. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge on the other hand do support the plugin.

So if you love using the web player and are a Safari users, you unfortunately have no other choice than to switch browsers, at least to use Spotify. In addition to Chrome versions from 45 on, Firefox v47 onwards, and Edge version 14 and later, Spotify web player can be used on Opera (v32+).

Spotify has not been able to answer whether it'll bring the web player to Safari in the future. That probably depends more on Apple.

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Apple's next week's iPhone 7s is iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 is iPhone X

Written by Matti Vähäkainu @ 09 Sep 2017 12:36

Apple's next week's iPhone 7s is iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 is iPhone X The world is holding their breath as it awaits for the upcoming iPhones. Well, maybe not quite, but one or two people might be looking forward to what is, perhaps, the most substantial upgrade to iPhone thus far.

Even though Apple will likely unveil three new iPhones, the only one that includes significant, or, as Apple might call it, revolutionary, upgrades to the iconic smartphone is the one everyone has their eyes on. Many things have leaked about that one model in particular but it has still been unclear what they will call the new phone.

For months it has seemed liked the consensus is that it'll be iPhone 8 as the smaller upgrades will be aptly getting the moniker 7s and 7s Plus respectively. However, even names such as iPhone 10 or iPhone X have been floating around.

Now a self-proclaimed hacker has revealed some new information about the names that appear in a recently leaked iOS 11 firmware. The Twitter user Steve T-S (@stroughtonsmith) has posted a picture revealing that the device known as the codename D20 is called in the documents iPhone 8. However, this is not the dro... phone you're looking for.


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Upcoming iOS leaked, reveals new "iPhone 8" features

Written by Matti Vähäkainu @ 09 Sep 2017 11:57

Upcoming iOS leaked, reveals new "iPhone 8" features Apple's upcoming and close to final version of iOS 11 has leaked revealing some new information about the highly anticipated iPhone due next week. The GM, or Grand Master, release of iOS 11 details new camera features about the iPhone 8 that will be released alongside iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus on Tuesday.

Previously details have been unveiled by the leaked HomePod firmware but this time around iOS has prematurely offered us official information about the upcoming smartphone. According to 9to5Mac, who've been scavenging through the software update, there's a new camera mode called Portrait Lighting.

This mode allows users to take Portrait pictures as introduced last year with the iPhone 7 Plus but with new lighting effects. Among those are Contour Light, Natural Light, Stage Light, Stage Light Mono, and Studio Light.

In addition to Portrait Lighting the new iPhone 8, or perhaps even 7s and 7s Plus, will be able to take Full HD video in amazing 240 frames per second, and even doubles the 4K video framerate to 60 fps.

When it comes to display, the leak reveals that iPhone will also get the True Tone Display that was introduced to iPads last year. This makes the display adapt to its surrounding lights and change its color temperature according to the environment.


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Report: Google close to acquiring HTC

Written by Matti Vähäkainu @ 08 Sep 2017 16:10

Report: Google close to acquiring HTC One of the more storied smartphone manufacturers, HTC, has been in dire straits for a long time. A company which was one of the first smartphone manufacturers for both Windows and Android platforms reported the worst financial results in 13 years this August.

The Taiwanese manufacturer has been struggling for years, and even though occasionally it has produced some spectacular smartphones the competition has just been too fierce.

For a long time HTC has been seeking for a buyer without much success. Now it seems, though, that the tides have turned.

According to a Chinese source, Commercial Times, negotiations between HTC and search giant Google have advanced to a place where HTC might soon be a Google company.

The sources claim that the negotiations are in final stages, and the companies are trying to figure out if Google will acquire the company or become a strategic partner of a kind. In either case the deal will include smartphone business but not the VR side of things that includes HTC Vive.

This wouldn't of course be the first time Google buys a smartphone manufacturer. In 2012 Google acquired Motorola Mobility but didn't find much success with it and sold it to Lenovo in late 2014. Whether there was a lesson to learn about buying a manufacturer remains to be seen.


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Apple and Amazon to challenge Sony and others for James Bond rights

Written by Matti Vähäkainu @ 08 Sep 2017 13:41

Apple and Amazon to challenge Sony and others for James Bond rights Online video and internet TV is here to stay. Moreover it is here to challenge broadcast TV and it seems clear that it is the future.

Netflix, of course, has proven that the concept of internet TV can be successful around the globe. Not only has it been a business success it has managed to produce some of the world's best TV content, movies, as well as documentaries.

After such success others are quick to pile in on broadcast TV and secure their share of the future TV pie. Among technology companies Apple and Amazon have been challenging Netflix with their own shows.

According to Hollywood Reporter those two are planning on raising the stakes further by possibly acquiring the distribution right to one of the most important movie franchises of our time.

After the 2015 film Spectre, the future distribution rights for James Bond franchise have been up in the air. MGM and Eon Production have been looking for a buyer for two years now.

The insider sources claim that not only Warner, who is closest to land a deal, and other Hollywood giants but also aforementioned technology companies are more than interested in competing for the rights for future Bond movies. And they might be willing to spend even more to get what they want.


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Samsung's new Rewards Program might net you $200,000

Written by Matti Vähäkainu @ 07 Sep 2017 16:10

Samsung's new Rewards Program might net you $200,000 Samsung has launched a new rewards program which is aimed at mobile users, and especially hackers among them. The new Mobile Security Rewards Program offers rewards in cash and can amount to up to $200,000.

The program includes 38 different mobile devices, from 2015 up until today, and their respective software solutions. This includes such smartphone and tablet lineups as the Galaxy S series, Galaxy Note series, Galaxy A series, and Galaxy Tab series.

The software in the program includes the likes of Samsung Pay and Bixby, but is not limited to separate Samsung apps. However, Samsung's rules require that the security hole must only be found in Samsung devices, not Android in general. In addition it must be accessed without physical connection.

To get a reward you need to be hacking the latest software version of the device or the app. Naturally Samsung also requires that the hacker will not publish any information about the issue until Samsung has had time to address and possibly fix the issue.

Unfortunately not every security problem unveiled is going to net you the top dollar. Depending on the severity level of the vulnerability Samsung rewards $200 to $200,000 to the first person responsible for finding the security threat.

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Apple's TV division is recruiting talent from Sony

Written by Matti Vähäkainu @ 07 Sep 2017 11:41

Apple's TV division is recruiting talent from Sony It is safe to say that the future of television is probably not in cable, right? There's one company that has been shouting that from the mountaintops, obviously, but it's not so clear that near trillion dollar technology behemoths are just going to watch you take it.

The likes of Google and Apple are certainly going to fight for a piece in that pie, as are many others. Apple has been investing in TV which is evident from their exclusive show Planet of the Apps, but behind the scenes a lot is happening.

Apple has been recruiting talent from one of the more influential TV teams in Sony. Adding to two high-tier TV execs recruited in July, Apple has now found three new Sony bosses to their new video programming division.

Former Sony TV leads Max Aronson, Ali Woodruff, and Kim Rozenfeld now join Apple, Deadline reports. In addition Apple found PR talent in WGN America's former head of PR Rita Cooper Lee.

All of them obviously have bonafide background in TV programming and business in general, and it'll be interesting to see what they'll manage at Apple. They've previously been part of such hit shows as Breaking Bad and Two Guys and a Girl.


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How to change Android default keyboard app

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 07 Sep 2017 10:36

How to change Android default keyboard app Very often the new Android phone you purchased ships with a rather bad keyboard app. However, with Android, changing the default keyboard app is quite an easy task.

Here's our guide on how to do that in Android (7.0 and onwards).

Download a new keyboard app for your Android

There are hundreds of free keyboard apps available for Android, so you might want to take a look at our list of best Android keyboard apps before proceeding.

Approve the keyboard app

Now, head to your phone's Settings and find the Languages & input selection. Tap that.

Android settings

Now, in that menu, tap the Virtual keyboard selection.

Android languages and input


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4 Best Android keyboard apps (free ones)

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 07 Sep 2017 10:35

4 Best Android keyboard apps (free ones) Your phone usually ships with some sub-par keyboard app that makes you wonder how such good phone is equipped with such bad keyboard. No worries - there are plenty of free Android keyboard apps to choose from, each with their own unique twists.

Here's out look at four best keyboard apps for Android as of now.

Gboard - Google's own keyboard

Gboard is the official keyboard from Google. As expected, it has everything that a modern keyboard app should have: customizations and predictive text input. And as the Gboard is from Google, it obviously has an integrated Google search in it.

Here's the demonstration video for Gboard:

Download Gboard from Google Play

Kika - Keyboard for those who love their emojis

Kika is aimed for "fun writing", meaning that the app is full of emojis, GIF animations and all kinds of bells and whistles you might expect to see in a keyboard app meant for social media savvy ones. Besides the eye-candy, Kika also has the most common features of modern keyboards: flow-writing, predictive text input and full customization. And yes, it supports tons of languages, too.


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Most popular news in August: Finland's terror attack, why girls fancy girls and more..

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 01 Sep 2017 7:01

Most popular news in August: Finland's terror attack, why girls fancy girls and more.. AfterDawn has operated a news aggregator service called HIGH.FI since 2014. Service has grown steadily, month after month, during these past 3 years and in August than 1.6 million headlines were read through it.

As we gather news from thousands and thousands of news services, the statistics the service generates are sometimes extremely interesting. We thought you might ant to take a look at what people clicked on during August and compiled a top 20 list of headlines.

These headlines get read through our website, our Android news app and our Windows Phone app as well as through several 3rd party projects that use our news aggregator API.

Anyway, here are the charts...

Top 20 news during March, 2017

  1. Is this the reason some women fancy other women? (Mail Online)
  2. Finland stabbings: Two dead and suspect shot in Turku (BBC News)
  3. Vladimir Putin's Bare-Chested Vacation Snap Becomes Summer's Best Meme (Huffington Post)
  4. 16 Homemade Chicken Nuggets That Are Way Better Than Fast Food (POPSUGAR)
  5. Weekly poll results: welcome back, Nokia! (GSMArena)
  6. Someone Flipped Trump's Hair With Kim Jong Un's, And It's Absolutely Unnerving (Huffington Post)
  7. Cristiano Ronaldo hit with five-match suspension for referee push (USA Today)
  8. Barcelona van attacker may still be alive, on the run: police (Reuters)
  9. Oxygen OS 4.1.7 rolling out to the OnePlus 3 and 3T (Android Central)
  10. Bat that looks just like YODA is officially a new species  (Mail Online)
  11. HoloLens founder and Windows Insider chief say smartglasses will replace smartphones (PhoneArena)
  12. Woman finally gets the boob job she wanted (Mail Online)
  13. Android 8.0 Oreo: Is It Really An Incremental Update? Check Out Our Features Overview (WCCFtech)
  14. The OnePlus 5's new 4K EIS is incredible (Android Police)
  15. Apple's first AI research paper wins prestigious machine learning award (Apple Insider)
  16. Nokia 8 price in Europe is lower than it was previously announced (PhoneArena)
  17. The world's 'most friendless people' are under assault yet again (The Washington Post)
  18. Martavis Bryant Says Matthias Farley Intentionally Tried to Injure Him (Bleacher Report)
  19. Trump mixes up two blond reporters during press conference (NY Daily News)
  20. New form of gravitational wave may have been found (Mail Online)

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Other countries

HIGH.FI also supports several other languages and has big following in several countries. Here are the charts for March in some of ur other countries:

Top 5 news in Sweden in March, 2017

  1. Förlängd åtalstid i utredningen om dådet på Drottninggatan (
  2. Transportstyrelsen vill dra in äldres körkort (SVT)
  3. Drönare stoppade flygtrafiken på Arlanda (
  4. Hemligheten som de vägrar avslöja (Expressen)
  5. Johaug: "Upprörd - förstår inte det" (Expressen)

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Top 5 news in Italy in March, 2017

  1. FlixBus, la low cost del trasporto extraurbano è salva (Tom's Hardware)
  2. Windows 10 Mobile, ormai è finita: Microsoft punta su Andromeda OS! (Geekissimo)
  3. Amazon rimuove dallo store i device Blu (
  4. L'amore vero in uno scatto: 3 km al sole per la moglie disabile (Yahoo Notizie)
  5. Stefano Bettarini e la nuova fidanzata Nicoletta Larini: "Voglio un figlio da lei..." (

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Top 5 news in Netherlands in March, 2017

  1. Ajax keihard uitgelachen na definitief transfernieuws (
  2. Ajax moet vrezen: 'Ik hoorde al verhalen over het Leicester van Nederland' (Voetbalzone)
  3. GP België: Red Bull betrapt op 'sandbaggen'? (
  4. In de wandelgangen: Ajax ontvangt eerste bod van minstens 28 miljoen (Voetbalzone)
  5. In de wandelgangen: Hakim Ziyech verlaat Ajax mogelijk in extremis (Voetbalzone)

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Top 5 news in Denmark in March, 2017

  1. Barnebruden lader brystvorten titte frem (Ekstra Bladet)
  2. Hun forsvarer Raket-Madsen: Jeg blev overrumplet (
  3. "Raket-Madsen": Jeg har begravet hende til søs (
  4. Prins Henrik efter massiv kritik: 'Hvis der er én, som har svigtet mig...' (BT)
  5. Peter Madsens bror: »Jeg kommer ikke til at tilgive ham - sådan har jeg det lige nu« (Jyllands-Posten)

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Top 5 news in Finland in March, 2017

  1. Suomalaisnainen otti pepustaan kuvan -- ei huomannut paljastavansa samalla jotain muuta (
  2. Täydelliset tissit ja perskannikat – juuri nyt tämän pornotähden kanssa pääsee juttelemaan kahden kesken! Ehdoton K18! (Como)
  3. Pahempaa kuin ydinsota? Pohjois-Korea saattaa suunnitella maailman tuhoisinta iskua (Tivi)
  4. Kuva: Tässä viedään Turun epäiltyä puukottajaa – tämä kaikki tapahtumista tiedetään nyt (Ilta-Sanomat)
  5. Abiristeilyä varten tehty salainen "panosopimus" riemastuttaa netissä! (Como)

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Top 5 news in Estonia in March, 2017

  1. OTSE | Saksamaa ralli: kaks kiiruskatset järjest võitnud Tänak tõusis liidriks (Õhtuleht)
  2. Soomes määriti Eesti numbritega autod kokku väljaheitega, lõhuti aknad ja kriimustati (Delfi)
  3. Eesti ühe säravama noore pianisti elutee katkes Külitse järves (Postimees)
  4. Umbkeelne Maxima kassiir solvas klienti ja teatas: „Mina räägin sinuga ainult Euroopa Liidu ehk vene keeles!" (Õhtuleht)
  5. OTSEBLOGI ja FOTOD | Järjest kaks kiiruskatset võitnud Tänak tõusis Saksamaa rallil liidriks (Delfi)

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Want to get your language supported?

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Super-rare Commodore 65 is on sale at eBay

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 01 Sep 2017 5:41

Super-rare Commodore 65 is on sale at eBay Most of the computer fans know - if not remember personally - the legendary Commodore 64 computer, best-selling single model computer of all times. However, very few people actually know that the c=64 also had a successor, Commodore 65 that never made it to the markets.

Commodore, noticing that during the era of 16-bit computers, their old cashcow, Commodore 64 was quickly losing its sales, set up a team to milk the last pennies out of the decade-old Commodore 64. They built a backwards compatible Commodore 65 that added features similar to Commodore's other computer line, Amiga.

C=65 had a built in 3.5" disk drive, high-resolution graphics and CPU at 3.54MHz (C=64 ran at 1MHz) with 128kB of memory (expandable to 1MB) - and most importantly, a C=64 mode, allowing the computer to run C=64's massive software and game selection.

Company managed to build appx. 50 - 200 prototype units, but nothing more. After Commodore went bankrupt in 1994, its assets were liquidated and the prototypes were sold all across the world.

Commodore 65 on sale at eBay, September 2017


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Samsung reinforces commitment to QLED over OLED, announces a new model

Written by Matti Vähäkainu @ 31 Aug 2017 17:15

Samsung reinforces commitment to QLED over OLED, announces a new model Samsung's yesterday's press conference at IFA Berlin included a lot of new products. From vacuum cleaners to washing machines and from Gear wearables to premium TVs.

The biggest news in TVs wasn't the new model, even though we'll get to that too, but instead Samsung exec's confirmation that Samsung is battling the onslaught of OLED TVs from competitors with their own QLED technology.

Samsung is confident that the Quantum LED technology is superior especially because it's easier and cheaper to produce in the large sizes of 2017 TVs. To express the commitment the company introduced the new Q8F model which is a flat version of the curved Q8C. You'll be able to buy it in two sizes: 55 inches at 2599 euros ($3095) and 65 inches at 3599 euros ($4285).

That brings the Q series to a total of 14 different models, six of which are curved.

Samsung also unveiled a new addition to its artistic TV lineup called The Frame. The new 43 inch version in the smallest of the bunch and costs 1499 euros ($1785).


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Samsung unveils new Gear lineup at IFA

Written by Matti Vähäkainu @ 31 Aug 2017 15:00

Samsung unveils new Gear lineup at IFA The consumer electronics show in Berlin, Germany is officially open to public starting tomorrow but the press has been roaming the trade show for two days now. Yesterday Samsung held their press conference and unveiled new smart products.

Among the newly introduced electronics were three new Gear devices that are for people on the move, Gear Sport, Gear Fit2 Pro and Gear IconX (2018). Gear Sport is Samsung's new smartwatch that is, like the same suggests, aimed at people who are into exercising and sports. Likewise the Gear Fit2 Pro activity tracker is for the people on the move.

Both of them feature GPS, heart rate monitoring, and path and calorie tracking. However, they are aimed specifically towards swimmers, since both of them are waterproof up to 50 meters and feature Speedo swim tracking. They also support Spotify Offline if you have a Premium account.


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Google kills 300 fake apps used for DDoS attacks

Written by James Delahunty @ 30 Aug 2017 7:59

Google kills 300 fake apps used for DDoS attacks Google has removed hundreds of apps from the Play store after they were found to hijack devices for the use of the WireX botnet.

The apps appeared to be normal common apps, providing abilities such as media playback and system resource and storage management. In reality, they would use the device to take part in DDoS attacks against targets online.

Akamai has been credited with discovering the WireX botnet after a client was targeted. It then went on to cooperate with security staff from competitors to try to solve the problem. During this cooperate effort, hundreds of apps available through the Play store were found to be bogus and malicious.

Google removed over 300 apps from the Play store so far and they are being removed from affected devices too. An estimated 70,000 devices in over 100 countries have been compromised already.

Some affected devices have also been hit by ransomware attacks.

Read More: Akamai

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PlayStation VR gets a price cut

Written by James Delahunty @ 30 Aug 2017 7:57

PlayStation VR gets a price cut Sony has responded to price cuts by VR competitors by cutting the price of its own popular PlayStation VR gear.

It did so by adding the required PlayStation Camera to a $399 bundle, starting from September 1. Another bundle including a pair of Move controllers will cost $449.

Sony has enjoyed something of an advantage in the space up until recently. Competitors Oculus and HTC had gear that was more expensive and had to be used with a decent PC setup. However, over time HTC cut the price of its Vive gear on multiple occasions, and Oculus recently followed suit with its own price cuts.

Additionally, the minimum specs also dropped meaning the Rift headset with Touch could work well with a lower priced PC. To take advantage of the PlayStation VR system, it is recommended that you own a PlayStation 4 Pro.

From Friday, the price cut for the bundles will take effect across the U.S. and Canada. The core PS VR bundle will include the PlayStation VR headset and PlayStation Camera for $399 USD (MSRP) / $499 CAD (MSRP), while the PlayStation VR Worlds bundle adds two PlayStation Move motion controllers and PlayStation VR Worlds for $449 USD (MSRP) / $579 CAD (MSRP).

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