Nokia N95

Nokia N95
S60 3rd Ed, FP 1 / 2.6"
Manufacturer: Nokia | Product category: Mobile phones
Form factor Slide
QWERTY keyboard No
Platform Symbian / S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 1
Weight 120 g
Measurements (WxHxD) 99 mm x 53 mm x 21 mm
Display size 2,6"
Display technology? TFT
Two displays No
Resolution 240 x 320
Colors 16.7M (24-bit)
Touch screen No
RAM memory? 64 MB
Storage memory? 160 MB
Memory card slot microSD
2G networks GSM 850 / GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900
3G networks WCDMA 2100
Offline mode Yes
WLAN 802.11b/g
Bluetooth Yes
A2DP support Yes
Infrared Yes
Camera Yes
Auto focus Yes
Image stabilizer No
Camera 5 Mpix
Optical zoom No
Lens cover Yes
Flash light Yes
2nd camera Yes
MMS? Yes
Video calls Yes
FM radio Yes
Web browser Yes
Battery life / Talk 3 h
Battery life / Stand-by 215 h
Manufacturer product code(s) 002B6S8 / 002B6S8 / 002B6S8 / 002B6S8 / 0037291 / 0037295 / 0037295 / 0037295 / 0037295 / 0037295 / 2B6T7 / 2B6T7 / 2D260 / 2D260 / 2D5T1 / 2D5T1 / 2F1V2 / 2F6C4 / 2F7F8 / 2F7N8 / 2F7N9 / 2H2T4 / 37284 / 37284 / 37285 / 37285 / 8800-00-84 / N-N95 2GB NAVIGATIONBLACK / N-N95 DEEP PLUM / N-N95 DEEP PLUM / N-N95 Navigation Brown / N-N95 Navigation DeepPlum / N-N95 Navigation Red / N-N95 SAND / N-N95 SAND / nokn95 / NOKN95BR / NOKN95DP / NOKN95R / NOKN95S
UPC / EAN code(s) 6417182604799 / 6417182604799 / 6417182604805 / 6417182604805 / 6417182604867 / 6417182604867 / 6417182742088 / 6417182742118 / 6417182788222 / 6417182788222 / 6417182788291 / 6417182788291 / 6417182843884 / 6417182843884 / 6417182858901 / 6417182858901 / 6417182894534 / 6417182897641 / 6417182898365 / 6417182898372 / 6417182944345 / 6417182957116

  • Data (Packet data modes)

    Data transfer modes that are based on packet switching method rather than circuit switching, and offer a much faster and more efficient data transfer. For more information and comparision see for example here.

  • MMS (MMS support)

    Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is a standard for telephone messaging systems that allows sending messages that include multimedia objects (images, audio, video, rich text) and not just text as in Short Message Service (SMS).

  • RAM memory (RAM memory)

    RAM (Random access memory ) is the internal memory of the phone used to execute programs etc.

  • Display technology (Display technology)

    Display technology in use. The options (from worse to best) are STN (LCD), CSTN (Color STN), TFT (Thin-Film Transistor), and OLED (organic light-emitting diode). The first three are all based on LCD technology, which unlike OLED, do require backlight.

  • Storage memory (Built-in storage memory)

    Built-in storage memory expresses the amount of memory space available for storage of ringtones, pictures, videos, games etc. The most commonly used memory type is flash.

  Rating: 2 / 5 Value for money: 2 / 5

I have this phone and at first it was great however it lags and crashes now too many times i cant even accept calls cause it turns off. Peple get another phone.

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  Rating: 2 / 5 Value for money: 1 / 5

had 1 of these phones for 9 months they lagg badly between screen changes the slider part is sloppy and switches between phone and mp3 player in your pocket, my son has 1 as well his has been back to the store twice in 10months for freezing and locking up, i wouldnt advise anyone to get one of these phones only 1 plus is the camera is good, my tip would be buy a digital camera and a diffrent phone

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  Rating: 5 / 5 Value for money: 2 / 5

This is such a great phone. My friend has it and I love how it slides both ways! Great screen resolution, great camera, and great GPS!

This is still quite an expensive phone, but for the features I guess it is a good buy.

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  Rating: 5 / 5 Value for money: 3 / 5

Now, the N95 is the golden egg amongst phones... Most people have heard of it, and many want it. It is very expensive, but on an affordable contract of 22.50 a month with T-Mobile, not all that overpriced. Besides, for the features it's got, it's defiantly worth it!

Now, good points, it has a stunning 5mp Camera, rivaled by many Phones, but more importantly dedicated Cameras! It has very, easy to use, navigation features around the phone, and if outside, and you slide your phone up, a very quick locking GPS on the new versions! Personally I don't like Nokia's own navigation software, you have to pay to enable all the functions you would expect as standard, so I downloaded Google Maps for the N95, and this is extremely good as I locks on about 2 times quicker to satellites than Nokia's own Maps! The software you can download for these phones are also amazing too, there is such a huge variety

The only moans I do have however... Within the first day of having it, the stop button LED on the music mode broke, so I am only left with an odd 3 LED's now! Also, the slide function seem's a bit tacky, it creaks alot, and is very noisy when it does, and it's very unstable, it always seem's on the verge of breaking... The camera opening is not very well thought out, a big design floor, and without an unlimited data usage plan, you can't really use the phone to it's full potential! And a classic problem with the N95, well 2 actually, one is the battery life, very quickly runs out, and another is the dreaded "Memory Full, Please close an Application", yes, there is very little memory.

But on the up side again, the built in speaker's reach a very loud capability, especially upon altering a few settings in the music player, Very portable music machine!

Well, I still think it's definatly worth it's money, and this phone is one which I personally couldn't make do without

Definite Buy!

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  Rating: 5 / 5 Value for money: 3 / 5

This phone has it all.
I was thinking iphone too but once i saw how this phone was ahead by at least 2 years against the i phone i couldnt resist.
i got it its everything i wanted.
Camera is amazing the 1st phone that dosent pixelate when recording and moving phone.
amazing sound quality.
Very fast phoen with symbian gives you massive expansions.
dual slide great when your going into landscape mode without going through settings.
GPS,5mp Camera.
If you are having to chose betweem this and Iphone i will gurantee this.
Iphone is more like a gimmick.
Just because the wii was amazing this might not be like it.
wii is a whole new thing this is just an ipod with a Phone and touchscreen nothing more.
The camera is only 2mp no flash.
no onehanded usage capabilites.
N95 all the way.

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