Microsoft Xbox 360 Arcade

Microsoft Xbox 360 Arcade
512MB / No HD media drive / 1 x HDMI
Manufacturer: Microsoft | Product category: Game consoles
SD card reader? No
MemoryStick reader No
CF card reader No
CPU? Xenon
Memory? 512MB
Video memory? 10MB
USB ports? 3
Ethernet? Yes
LAN speed 100Mbps
WiFi? No
Bluetooth? No
480i / 576i Yes
480p / 576p Yes
720p Yes
1080i Yes
1080p Yes
HD media support? No HD media support
Component video? Yes
HDMI? One HDMI output
Manufacturer product code(s) ARCADE-PGR4 / Q2A-00019 / XGX-00004 / XGX-00014 / XGX-00026 / XGX-00042 / XGX-00059
UPC / EAN code(s) 0882224519717 / 0882224855532 / 882224774482

  • CPU (CPU type)

    The CPU (or processor ) is the core component of any console. It executes the programs (e.g. games) with the help of other dedicated hardware. The CPU has high impact on the general performance of a console, altough other components and the general architechture of the devide also play a significant role.

  • Memory (Memory installed)

    The amount of internal memory available to execute programs.

  • Video memory (Video memory)

    The amount of video processing memory reserved for graphics board. Presented as megabytes.

  • HDD size (Storage capacity (HDD size))

    If the console has an internal hard disk drive, the storage capacity of the drive is announced here (in giga bytes, GB). The HDD can be used, for example, to store games/game data, photos, music, videos or software.

  • USB ports (Number of USB or USB2 ports)

    The number of USB ports the console has. The ports can bes uses to connect game controllers or external devices, or to read memory cards.

  • Ethernet (Integrated Ethernet / LAN adapter?)

    If the console has an integrated Ethernet port, it can be connected to a local area network (LAN) via the port. The speed of the LAN connection is announced as megabits per second (Mbps).

  • WiFi (Integreated WLAN / WiFi)

    WiFi is a wireless solution to connect a device to a local area network.If the console is WiFi-enabled, it can be connected to a WLAN Network without the use of a connection cable.

  • Bluetooth (Integrated Bluetooth adapter)

    Bluetooth can be used to form a data transfer connection between the console and Bluetooth enabled devices. Another possible use of the technology is to connect external devices or game controllers.

  • HD media support (Support for HD media)

    The console can support some kind of HD media, i.e. it can be used as a HD media player for the supported format(s). Theoretically there can be devices suppporting either HD DVD or Blu-ray, but in practice only the latter is supported by consoles.

  • Component video (Component video output)

    Component Video is a type of video transmission where either luma and chroma difference channels (Y, Cb, and Cr) or red, green, and blue (RGB) video is sent across three separate cables.

  • HDMI (HDMI output)

    HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is an interfacing standard for transferring digital video and audio between electronic devices. It is developed primarily for high definition displays in mind.

  • SD card reader (Integrated SD memory card reader)

    Integrated Memory Card Readers can be used to read information from different types of memory cards. The readers can be used for example to save game data to a memory card, view photos from a memory card of a digital camera, or to transfer music or other files from/to the console. Common types of memory cards are SD, MemoryStick, and CF.

  Rating: 4 / 5 Value for money: 3 / 5

Well. At least this baby getting a lil low nowadays! :)

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  Rating: 4 / 5 Value for money: 4 / 5

This is a great console and quite reasonably priced.

However, the reason I gave it a four is because the failure rate could be better. Microsoft have improved this in the newer versions (which I own) but it really should have been done in the first place.

Also, by the time you add the 120GB HDD and Wi-Fi etc (like I have). it does end up costing more than a PS3 would so in some ways the base price is more accessible to those on a budget but for enthusiasts looking for a complete entertainment solution, it wil cost more.

An internet browser would have been nice and more support for different media formats.

There are some great exclusive titles that make this console a great addition to a gamers collection.

The fact that this console can be modified may also attract some.

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  Rating: 3 / 5 Value for money: 4 / 5

Microsoft did release the Xbox and later the Xbox 360 as its successor on the heavily dominated game market where Sony and Nintendo dominate the market since the 90s. Where the Xbox 360 has the raw potential to become successful, MS however is no game company it is rather a big Software house from American soil, where the rest on the game market are Japanese. this helped MS in countries where there are a strong American sentiment and of course in America itself, but in the rest of the world it flopped. Why is for example Xbox Live not available in all countries, why does MS discriminate, instead of allowing everyone to use the Xbox Live experience and the downloadable content such as Arcade games and game demos ..

The media capability varies from mpeg4 to wmv9. also mov from Apple has been supported, but why no .srt files for subtitle and why no support for MKV (the PS3 has it and the Xbox 360 don't ?? even though MS claims that the Xbox 360 is the most powerful game console on the market ..).

Why is there on the Xbox 360 no browser for surfing on the internet ? Why is it not allowed by MS to use third-party application and is the OS not open-source ?
Agreed, don't make everything public of the OS such as the dvd-key and other security measures, but at least give use as users the ability to insert something individual onto this device.

Why can I not install mp3 audio files from the usb-stick onto the hard-drive, since the product is bought by me, why can I not use the right to control according by my own means.

The Xbox 360 is in my view a nice game console, but the Wii is better in this aspect (emulators).
The media capabilities of the Xbox 360 has been surpassed by the PS3 with its BlueRay and the ability to output MKV.

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  Rating: 4 / 5 Value for money: 3 / 5

Great console especially now the price has been lowered.

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  Rating: 5 / 5 Value for money: 4 / 5

It has worked perfectly for me since the day I bought it and I haven't had any freezing or overheating issues at all. The graphics are amazing and the console offers a great selection of games. I would recommend buying a Hard Drive for the console, i got my 20GB HDD from Microsoft for only $20 during the Microsoft Memory Upgrade program for core/arcade consoles to make room for the NXE update.

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  Rating: 3 / 5 Value for money: 3 / 5

The product is an okay "box" but I would recommend the pro or the elite.
B.T.W. The current xbox 360 arcade picture for this product is currently a pro.. The arcade doesn't have the chrome trimming on the DISC HOLDER...

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  Rating: 5 / 5 Value for money: 5 / 5

Able to afford this, two new games (Falbe 2 and Midnight Club:LA) the 256Mb memory unit is enough unless you want to download a lot, I had room for Doom, both game saves as well as some DLC for Rock Band (Getting soon though)

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  Rating: 1 / 5 Value for money: 1 / 5

I'm not a Sony fanboy but damn, the Arcade is a joke! No HDD? No WiFi? No Bluetooth. Hm.. The other versions of the 360 are OK but this one is only good if you're not into online (but seriously, who doesn't want online?)

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  Rating: 3 / 5 Value for money: 2 / 5

Now that the 360 has dropped in price what you get for your buck is a bit more fair. I bought at launch, and I can easily say at that time it was a ripoff.

I have all three current gen systems. This is my M.O.; brand loyalty is stupid, it's competition that drives innovation in gaming. Out of all three I favor the ps3 even though it lacks a strong library. That will eventually change.

Here's why I consider the 360 to be a mediocre piece of technology:

I've had to endure the RRoD four times over three systems. That's shameful considering I don't play for 8 hours every day. My system is well ventilated, kept free of dust and adult maintained. There's simply no excuse for such a high failure rate.

The WiFi adapter is $100, slightly less if you find it used. Sorry, but this should have been included.

5.1 Dolby Pro Logic is the best audio the 360 has to offer. Wow! Pro Logic II !! What is this, 1997?

The addition of hdmi was nice, but it seems tacked on. The colors are nowhere near as vivid compared to the ps3. Same game, same tv, identical cables, the 360 (while it still looks very good and hdmi does look better than component) does not look as good in my opinion.

No browser.

The HD is locked down, so you can't freely import and export media.

The HD is expensive! And strictly MS property. At least the ps3 will allow you to change your HD yourself and at a fraction of the cost.

Xbox Live... is a bit of a pain in the ass. I'd be happier with it if it didn't have ads all over the place -- I mean, it is a service we're all paying for, the customer should have some control over what they're forced to look at. I also don't like that they use a shady point system instead of just cash. Other than that, Live has their act together pretty nicely, but I can't pretend it doesn't have it's share of glitches, freezes and morons.

So I consider the hardware itself to be average. It does what it does fairly well, and it's very much a user-friendly system. However, it's already dated and combined with it's failure rate I would say that the best feature right now is that it's relatively inexpensive.

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  Rating: 4 / 5 Value for money: 4 / 5

What can I say, it rapes the PS3 and Wii!

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  Rating: 4 / 5 Value for money: 4 / 5

Kyo28 doesn't have an Arcade since the Arcade doesn't come with a HDD. I don't know what languange D00mer is speaking.

The Xbox 360 is plagued with hardware problems which comes in the form of a time bomb depending on how it is used/abused. M$ will not admit that they blew it with the implementation of a good concept and didn't even need to go to a 360 when the XB1 was perfectly adequate for most people. What you are getting over the XB1 is eye candy, 2x priced games and a payment plan of about $66/year for hardware. This calculates $200 for an Arcade box which will die in 3 years requiring a replacement. If it dies in less than 3 years, you get a refurb'ed replacement from M$. It may end up turning into a revolving door from your home to M$, but you don't have to buy another one. M$ assumed that an expensive home entertainment system would be treated like a stereo receiver and not like a kid's toy. They were wrong. Moving the box around with the disk spinning in the drive will gouge the game. Putting it on the carpet or in a cramped shelf will kill the airflow and cause the "Ring of Death". Even though the instructions say not to do this, how many people read the instructions or really follow all the precautions?

The original was overpriced for what you get, but the newly priced Arcade at $199 US is a great deal. If you want a true media center, get an Xbox1 with a 500GB HD and XBMC installed. That way, you can use the 512MB flash memory on the XB360 and not need a HDD until the prices for those drop also ($25 on clearance for the 20GB last month if you could find one).

Conclusion: the hardware is a good value(4) which would be excellent(5) if it lasted and the games are terribly overpriced as are the games for the PS3. The PS2 games are a very good value if gameplay is more important than eye candy. The Wii doesn't count because it's for little kids and parties.

Hope that helps and doesn't muddy up the waters.

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  Rating: 3 / 5 Value for money: 1 / 5

I must admit that from the start, the 360 had a strong line-up of games, which brought me to buying one. There are definitely some good exclusives on the console.

However, I feel I paid way too much for what I get. It lacks built-in wifi, rechargeable controllers and the HDD is only 20GB. Worse even, the accessories are overpriced and you are stuck to buying only those and only MS's HDD will work.

Second point is that dreaded RROD. I've ran into this unfortunately once already and hope it won't happen again.

Basically, it has some good games but the hardware leaves much to be desired.

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