Microsoft Xbox 360 Premium

Microsoft Xbox 360 Premium
512MB / No HD media drive / No HDMI output
Manufacturer: Microsoft | Product category: Game consoles
SD card reader? No
MemoryStick reader No
CF card reader No
CPU? Xenon
Memory? 512MB
Video memory? 10MB
HDD size? 20GB
USB ports? 3
Ethernet? Yes
LAN speed 100Mbps
WiFi? No
Bluetooth? No
480i / 576i Yes
480p / 576p Yes
720p Yes
1080i Yes
1080p Yes
HD media support? No HD media support
Component video? Yes
HDMI? No HDMI output
Additional info Manufacturing of Xbox 360 Premium was discontinued in August 2007, when the new Pro -model took over.
Manufacturer product code(s) B4J-00110

  • CPU (CPU type)

    The CPU (or processor ) is the core component of any console. It executes the programs (e.g. games) with the help of other dedicated hardware. The CPU has high impact on the general performance of a console, altough other components and the general architechture of the devide also play a significant role.

  • Memory (Memory installed)

    The amount of internal memory available to execute programs.

  • Video memory (Video memory)

    The amount of video processing memory reserved for graphics board. Presented as megabytes.

  • HDD size (Storage capacity (HDD size))

    If the console has an internal hard disk drive, the storage capacity of the drive is announced here (in giga bytes, GB). The HDD can be used, for example, to store games/game data, photos, music, videos or software.

  • USB ports (Number of USB or USB2 ports)

    The number of USB ports the console has. The ports can bes uses to connect game controllers or external devices, or to read memory cards.

  • Ethernet (Integrated Ethernet / LAN adapter?)

    If the console has an integrated Ethernet port, it can be connected to a local area network (LAN) via the port. The speed of the LAN connection is announced as megabits per second (Mbps).

  • WiFi (Integreated WLAN / WiFi)

    WiFi is a wireless solution to connect a device to a local area network.If the console is WiFi-enabled, it can be connected to a WLAN Network without the use of a connection cable.

  • Bluetooth (Integrated Bluetooth adapter)

    Bluetooth can be used to form a data transfer connection between the console and Bluetooth enabled devices. Another possible use of the technology is to connect external devices or game controllers.

  • HD media support (Support for HD media)

    The console can support some kind of HD media, i.e. it can be used as a HD media player for the supported format(s). Theoretically there can be devices suppporting either HD DVD or Blu-ray, but in practice only the latter is supported by consoles.

  • Component video (Component video output)

    Component Video is a type of video transmission where either luma and chroma difference channels (Y, Cb, and Cr) or red, green, and blue (RGB) video is sent across three separate cables.

  • HDMI (HDMI output)

    HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is an interfacing standard for transferring digital video and audio between electronic devices. It is developed primarily for high definition displays in mind.

  • SD card reader (Integrated SD memory card reader)

    Integrated Memory Card Readers can be used to read information from different types of memory cards. The readers can be used for example to save game data to a memory card, view photos from a memory card of a digital camera, or to transfer music or other files from/to the console. Common types of memory cards are SD, MemoryStick, and CF.

  Rating: 5 / 5 Value for money: 3 / 5

This is a great system, nonetheless. However, I find myself playing my PS3 more often simply because of the free online play which is not offered in Xbox. As far as game releases, it has heaps of different awesome games.

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  Rating: 4 / 5 Value for money: 4 / 5

Better then Arcade, but I recommend buying a larger hard drive. as I have a 20GB on mine and im constantly running out of space, Use live? Get a bigger hard drive.

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  Rating: 5 / 5 Value for money: 5 / 5

I have to say that the XBOX 360 is amazing, it eliminates the need to be constantly upgrading your PC to play different games, is very cheap (got mine for 55 GBP) and although they are prone to RROD, mine that was made in Sept 05 is still working great nearly 4 years on.

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  Rating: 4 / 5 Value for money: 3 / 5

A great system, I got mine for free as broken with the RROD error. I fixed it and am using it but I have to say that I am totally disgusted with the design of the inside of the console. It is horrible. There are so many errors that I could describe that it would take too long to describe them all in detail, a quick summary includes:
-GPU Heatsink too small
-GPU directs air to DVD drive
-CPU + GPU heatsinc not completly covered by airduct
-A spot for a front fan was not included
-DVD drive does not hold discs in place, scratches them if console is moved
-DVD drive vibrates, not fastened with rubber stoppers
-Standing it up blocks bottom vent
-XClamp holding on heatsink forces mainboard to flex under heat

These are just some. In my console I have fixed all of these issues with internal aftermarket parts and it runs quieter than the stock consoles but still pretty loud compared to my PS3.

I rate it a 4/5 because of the design issues. Gameplay and online is 5/5.
3/5 for value because of failures.

A bit more money up front by MS would have saved them millions in fixing RROD consoles.

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  Rating: 3 / 5 Value for money: 3 / 5

Pretty good, the library of games is very good. I played my friend's 360 several times, seeing that he's got a hell load of games (over 50... Not a chipped XBOX) and the controller impresses me, but the buttons are awkward for a PS3 owner. I personally love how the mics are free and how people use them for games. PS3 users tend to talk rubbish and don't play the game with tactics. So overall, great console, great games, but its key feature that put me off it - RROD. My friend has a launch console and has 6 RRODs on it. Surprised that he's not tired of it. So. Yes, 3/5. Good but no the most reliable console. Less RROD - Chances are that I would've got it.

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  Rating: 3 / 5 Value for money: 2 / 5

The 360 is an Ok system, has nice graphics, a nice library of games, can be used as a media player. The bad online gaming not free, has no wireless networking, no high def drive normal dvd, can't transfer some of my media to its HDD.

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  Rating: 5 / 5 Value for money: 5 / 5

have had mine since before launch, have had minor issues all quick to be fixed by customer service(1week), so great unit for the cost. but would recommened buying the elite or the new premium being the larger hard drive will eventually be needed.

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  Rating: 4 / 5 Value for money: 3 / 5

With the price dropping it has a better value. Most of the games are good and the graphics/effects are great. Online features, and ability to stream content from home network are a plus. Now the negatives: personally my system gets hotter than a microwaved baked potato at times, the DVD drive, when it does open or close, runs very loud and noisy, and so do the piddly fans that barely cool down the system. I have to leave my cabinet open as to not let the heat build up, but then I would just rather keep it closed to dampen the noise. That is the biggest downfall of this console.

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  Rating: 3 / 5 Value for money: 4 / 5

The 360 is a decent console. The hardware, as many of you would probably know by now, is kind of bad because you never know if your console has a hardware screw up.

Personally, the first night I played my 360 (in Christmas), I kept having a disc read error message, and when you send the console in to Microsoft, their service takes quite a long amount of time to get your console back.

The games are good though. Soon, PS3 will catch up in that department IMO.

The 360 is worth the cash, but don't be disappointed when you find that there's a flaw in your console.

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  Rating: 5 / 5 Value for money: 3 / 5

When it works this is the best gaming console ever invented.

key words, when its working.

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