Apple iPhone (16GB)

Apple iPhone (16GB)
iOS / 3.5"
Manufacturer: Apple | Product category: Mobile phones
Form factor Candy bar
QWERTY keyboard No
Platform iOS
Weight 135 g
Measurements (WxHxD) 115 mm x 61 mm x 11,6 mm
Display size 3,5"
Display technology? TFT
Two displays No
Resolution Other
Colors 16.7M (24-bit)
Touch screen Yes
RAM memory? 128 MB
Storage memory? 16384 MB
Memory card slot No memory card slot
2G networks GSM 850 / GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900
Offline mode Yes
WLAN 802.11b/g
Bluetooth Yes
A2DP support No
Infrared No
Camera Yes
Image stabilizer No
Camera 2 Mpix
Optical zoom No
Lens cover No
Flash light No
2nd camera No
Video calls No
FM radio No
Web browser Yes
Battery life / Talk 8 h
Battery life / Stand-by 250 h

  • Data (Packet data modes)

    Data transfer modes that are based on packet switching method rather than circuit switching, and offer a much faster and more efficient data transfer. For more information and comparision see for example here.

  • MMS (MMS support)

    Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is a standard for telephone messaging systems that allows sending messages that include multimedia objects (images, audio, video, rich text) and not just text as in Short Message Service (SMS).

  • RAM memory (RAM memory)

    RAM (Random access memory ) is the internal memory of the phone used to execute programs etc.

  • Display technology (Display technology)

    Display technology in use. The options (from worse to best) are STN (LCD), CSTN (Color STN), TFT (Thin-Film Transistor), and OLED (organic light-emitting diode). The first three are all based on LCD technology, which unlike OLED, do require backlight.

  • Storage memory (Built-in storage memory)

    Built-in storage memory expresses the amount of memory space available for storage of ringtones, pictures, videos, games etc. The most commonly used memory type is flash.

  Rating: 5 / 5 Value for money: 3 / 5

This is I must say is the phone on the market right now, the only flaw is battery life it must be recharged at normal use every 24 hours or less.

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  Rating: 5 / 5 Value for money: 5 / 5

I recently purchased the new 3G for my whole family. It took a lot of convincing especially for my dad, who thinks MAC is pure evil, but he loves his new phone. I think the features are great I use the maps all the time, as well as the internet, and I can finally text with ease. How can you write a long winded column like the one above simply based on the fact that you want an equalizer in your iPod not even iPhone. If you want one that bad, I'm sure you can download one from the App store. Another great feature b/c not I can play QUALITY games on my phone during long trips. Get an iPhone 3G you won't regret it. Just get insurance and a protective case b/c if you drop it you are not all. The battery charges in minutes and lasts for a long time even with heavy use. Best upgrade I ever made.

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  Rating: 3 / 5 Value for money: 2 / 5

Every so often a new piece of technology comes along and we (and by we I mean the large portion of 13-25 year-old demographic) marvel at is beauty. In the 80ís there was the video game revolution. In the 90ís it was the cellular telephone; the real cell phone, not the gigantic magnum PI seen in the early portable phone days... And on October 23rd of 2001, there was what could be one of the most revolutionary pieces of portable electronics ever seen. Yes, Iím referring to the iPod. Even as I write this review, the iPod has become such a mega star in the handheld world that spell check knows what it is. Now my following comments may be sacrilege to some, but I assure you Iím not a total iPod hater; rather a frustrated consumer being led astray by Appleís perpetual lack of attention to consumer criticism. This issue is not as prevalent with the older iPod models, as itís expected that every product has to grow and mature. The problem seems to lie with the newer releases. Okay, so before all the iPod Fan boyís out there burn me at the virtual steak, let me redeem myself by staying that, yes the iphone is wonderfully crafted piece of hardware. Donítí get me wrong itís gorgeous, sleek and trim. Who wouldnít want that? I suppose the average user would. I However, fall into I different category, along with many others (and websites, who shall remain unnamed). The iPhone just seems to have lost sight of its roots. It no longer appears to be about quality but more so about quantity. Take my brother for example. Does he care about quality? No, of course not heís fourteen. I wouldnít expect him too. Having an iPhone is no longer having a music player. Itís now a social status. Luckily I convinced him to buy a Samsung. I personally donít need a device that plays music, watches video and photo, doubles as a phone, can cook meals for me and in the odd chance that the pilotís weather systems is down, can confidently guide him through take. (You all heard that story). And speaking of a multitude of features, what happened to the focus on music? I think Iíve waited a better part of the decade for a dedicated equalizer. Seriously apple, would it be that difficult to slap on a 5 band parametric EQ? Probably not, but Steve Jobs is too busy flaunting he newest portable MacGyver to notice that this little after though has caused more question about the iPod prioritys than anything else. And speaking of Appleís prioratyísÖ Where did they conjur up this notion that the we need our iPods to be phones..? Read the following.

According to a new Jupiter research study, "a combination of disinterest and unnecessary hurdles" is currently stopping most mobile phone users from using mobile music downloads.
Out of the 1800 respondents, two thirds (a bit over 66 percent) said there was nothing the carriers could do to make them want to buy music on their phones while 28 percent said they were interested in ring tones. The remaining 14 percent were interested in purchasing full tracks.
Besides price issues, those polled were also frustrated by the inaccessibility of the music, with many finding it very hard to find or download using a phone. Many also complained about ridiculous DRM restrictions on the music as well as the quality.

Seems a little ridiculos if you ask me. At a monsterous price of 500 plus the monthly rate, I canít imagine what teenager is going to want that on their shoulders. Although, Iíll give the Apple one score in the ďWĒ colume. Amoung all the other Portable music players out there, Apple is the only and I repeat ONLY manufacture to actually bases song to storage capacity accuratly. We all know you canít fit 10 000 songs on an 8Gb card (*Ahem* new music phones ). Apple needs to foucus on the music a bit more in there newer releases. I donít care if all the features stay, but lets try and recreate that magical music player we all fell in love with back in the day. And for the love of all that is good, PUT AN EQUALIZER IN.

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  Rating: 5 / 5 Value for money: 5 / 5

I use my iPhone everyday. I have been using the 8GB phone since december and recently traded it in for a 16GB. The phone has been great to me, never had a technical issue, needs to be restarted every now and then but all phones need to be. I find myself using googlemaps all the time. The Traffic indicator has saved me countless hours. I would recommend this phone to anyone. The phone is very durable and has no scratches. I have been putting it in my pocket without a case since December.

5 Stars

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