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DVDStyler v3.0.3 beta 1

Open source
Vista / Win10 / Win2k / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
DVDStyler is a crossplatform DVD Authoring System. It is free software distributed under GNU General Public License (GPL).

The main DVDStyler features are:
you can drag and drop MPEG files directly
you can import image file for background
you can create NTSC/PAL menus
you can place text and images anywhere on the menu screen
you can change font/color
you can put basic text buttons, change font/color and background color
you can copy and paste any menu object
you can set chapters for each movie
you can change post command for each movie


DVDStyler v2.9 DVDStyler v1.8.0 Beta 1 DVDStyler v1.8.0 Beta 1

dvdstyler dvd styler open source free crossplatform

License type Open source1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 06 Oct 2016
Downloads 17,626
File size 37.99 MB (5min @ 1Mbps)
Supported languages English,  Finnish,  Swedish,  Norwegian,  Spanish,  Dutch
Operating systems Vista / Win10 / Win2k / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

06 Oct 2016DVDStyler v3.0.3 beta 1(Latest beta version)
22 Aug 2016DVDStyler v3.0.2(Latest stable version)
14 Aug 2016DVDStyler v3.0.2 beta 3
10 Aug 2016DVDStyler v3.0.2 beta 2
29 Jul 2016DVDStyler v3.0.1
20 Jul 2016DVDStyler v3.0
23 Jun 2016DVDStyler v3.0 RC2
05 Jun 2016DVDStyler v3.0 RC1
10 May 2016DVDStyler v3.0 Beta 2
06 Jan 2016DVDStyler v2.9.6
13 Dec 2015DVDStyler v2.9.5
04 Oct 2015DVDStyler v2.9.4
30 Sep 2015DVDStyler v2.9.4 beta 3
26 Sep 2015DVDStyler v2.9.4 beta 2
02 Aug 2015DVDStyler v2.9.3
18 Feb 2015DVDStyler v2.9.2
15 Feb 2015DVDStyler v2.9.1
08 Feb 2015DVDStyler v2.9
01 Feb 2015DVDStyler v2.9 RC 2
18 Jan 2015DVDStyler v2.9 RC1
09 Dec 2014DVDStyler v2.9 Beta 2
23 Sep 2014DVDStyler v2.9 Beta 1
06 Jan 2015DVDStyler v2.8.1
13 Sep 2014DVDStyler v2.8
31 Aug 2014DVDStyler v2.8 RC 3
20 May 2014DVDStyler v2.8 RC 2
16 May 2014DVDStyler v2.8 RC 1
28 Apr 2014DVDStyler v2.8 Beta 2
13 Apr 2014DVDStyler v2.8 Beta 1
06 Apr 2014DVDStyler v2.7.2
07 Mar 2014DVDStyler v2.7.1
20 Feb 2014DVDStyler v2.7
13 Feb 2014DVDStyler v2.7 RC 2
05 Feb 2014DVDStyler v2.7 RC 1
13 Jan 2014DVDStyler v2.7 Beta 3
07 Jan 2014DVDStyler v2.7 Beta 2
02 Jan 2014DVDStyler v2.7 Beta 1
30 Nov 2013DVDStyler v2.6.1
13 Nov 2013DVDStyler v2.6
12 Nov 2013DVDStyler v2.6 RC 3
26 Oct 2013DVDStyler v2.6 RC 2
13 Oct 2013DVDStyler v2.6 RC 1
21 Sep 2013DVDStyler v2.6 Beta 2
26 Aug 2013DVDStyler v2.6 Beta 1
18 Aug 2013DVDStyler v2.5.2
03 Aug 2013DVDStyler v2.5.1
13 Jul 2013DVDStyler v2.5
02 Jul 2013DVDStyler v2.5 RC 2
17 Jun 2013DVDStyler v2.5 RC 1
20 May 2013DVDStyler v2.5 beta 4
07 Apr 2013DVDStyler v2.5 Beta 3
31 Mar 2013DVDStyler v2.5 beta 2
18 Mar 2013DVDStyler v2.5 Beta 1
07 Apr 2013DVDStyler v2.4.3
06 Mar 2013DVDStyler v2.4.2
18 Feb 2013DVDStyler v2.4.1
01 Feb 2013DVDStyler v2.4
19 Jan 2013DVDStyler v2.4 RC 1
12 Jan 2013DVDStyler v2.4 beta 3
26 Dec 2012DVDStyler v2.3.5
03 Dec 2012DVDStyler v2.4 Beta 2
10 Nov 2012DVDStyler v2.4 Beta 1
08 Nov 2012DVDStyler v2.3.4
25 Oct 2012DVDStyler v2.3.2
15 Oct 2012DVDStyler v2.3.1
27 Aug 2012DVDStyler v2.3
22 Aug 2012DVDStyler v2.3 RC 2
03 Jul 2012DVDStyler v2.3 RC 1
25 Jun 2012DVDStyler v2.3 Beta 3
19 Jun 2012DVDStyler v2.3 Beta 2
05 Jun 2012DVDStyler v2.3 Beta 1
15 May 2012DVDStyler v2.2
03 May 2012DVDStyler v2.2 RC 1
16 Apr 2012DVDStyler v2.2 RC 1
04 Apr 2012DVDStyler v2.2 Beta 3
18 Jan 2012DVDStyler v2.2 Beta 2
28 Dec 2011DVDStyler v2.2 Beta 1
28 Dec 2011DVDStyler v2.1
29 Nov 2011DVDStyler v2.1 Beta 2
23 Nov 2011DVDStyler v2.1 Beta 1
16 Nov 2011DVDStyler v2.0.1
24 Oct 2011DVDStyler v2.0
10 Oct 2011DVDStyler v2.0 RC 2
20 Sep 2011DVDStyler v2.0 RC 1
15 Aug 2011DVDStyler v2.0 Beta 2
10 Aug 2011DVDStyler v2.0 Beta 1
27 Jul 2011DVDStyler v1.9.0 Beta 1
30 Aug 2011DVDStyler v1.8.4.3
14 Jul 2011DVDStyler v1.8.4.2
13 Jul 2011DVDStyler v1.8.4.1
03 Jul 2011DVDStyler v1.8.4
20 Jun 2011DVDStyler v1.8.4 RC 2
18 May 2011DVDStyler v1.8.4 RC 1
03 May 2011DVDStyler v1.8.4 Beta 2
14 Apr 2011DVDStyler v1.8.4 Beta 1
03 Apr 2011DVDStyler v1.8.3
24 Feb 2011DVDStyler v1.8.3 RC 2
23 Feb 2011DVDStyler v1.8.3 RC 1
21 Feb 2011DVDStyler v1.8.3 Beta 2
15 Feb 2011DVDStyler v1.8.3 Beta 1
01 Feb 2011DVDStyler v1.8.2.1
26 Nov 2010DVDStyler v1.8.2
29 Oct 2010DVDStyler v1.8.2 RC 2
12 Oct 2010DVDStyler v1.8.2 RC 1
19 Sep 2010DVDStyler v1.8.2 Beta 4-1
17 Sep 2010DVDStyler v1.8.2 Beta 4
08 Sep 2010DVDStyler v1.8.2 Beta 3
16 Aug 2010DVDStyler v1.8.2 Beta 2
12 Jul 2010DVDStyler v1.8.2 Beta 1
26 May 2010DVDStyler v1.8.1
29 Apr 2010DVDStyler v1.8.1 Beta 2
06 Apr 2010DVDStyler v1.8.1 Beta 1
09 May 2010DVDStyler v1.8.0.3
18 Mar 2010DVDStyler v1.8.0.2
17 Feb 2010DVDStyler v1.8.0.1
03 Feb 2010DVDStyler v1.8.0
25 Jan 2010DVDStyler v1.8.0 RC 3
20 Jan 2010DVDStyler v1.8.0 RC 2
17 Jan 2010DVDStyler v1.8.0 RC 1
01 Jan 2010DVDStyler v1.8.0 Beta 3
14 Dec 2009DVDStyler v1.8.0 Beta 2
23 Nov 2009DVDStyler v1.8.0 Beta 1
04 Oct 2009DVDStyler v1.7.4
14 Sep 2009DVDStyler v1.7.4 RC 1
10 Sep 2009DVDStyler v1.7.4 Beta 2
02 Sep 2009DVDStyler v1.7.4 Beta 1
14 Aug 2009DVDStyler v1.7.3
03 Aug 2009DVDStyler v1.7.3 RC 1
13 Jul 2009DVDStyler v1.7.3 Beta 4
15 Jun 2009DVDStyler v1.7.3 Beta 3
02 Apr 2009DVDStyler v1.7.3 Beta 2
18 Mar 2009DVDStyler v1.7.3 Beta 1
06 Mar 2009DVDStyler v1.7.2
16 Feb 2009DVDStyler v1.7.2 Beta 5
21 Jan 2009DVDStyler v1.7.2 Beta 4
02 Jan 2009DVDStyler v1.7.2 Beta 3
25 Dec 2008DVDStyler v1.7.2 Beta 1
12 Nov 2008DVDStyler v1.7.1
28 Oct 2008DVDStyler v1.7.1 Beta 1
31 Aug 2008DVDStyler v1.7.0
29 Apr 2008DVDStyler v1.6.2
21 Apr 2008DVDStyler v1.6.2 Beta 2
31 Mar 2008DVDStyler v1.6.2 Beta 1
06 Mar 2008DVDStyler v1.6.1
25 Feb 2008DVDStyler v1.6.1 Beta 2
12 Feb 2008DVDStyler v1.6.1 Beta 1
03 Jan 2008DVDStyler v1.6.0
08 Jul 2007DVDStyler v1.5.1
16 May 2007DVDStyler v1.5
10 Nov 2006DVDStyler v1.5 Beta 7
13 Oct 2006DVDStyler v1.5 beta 6
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DVDStyler v1,8,2 Beta 4-1

I am not sure what is going on but I have yet to create a disc that would not work. Everytime it gets to the closing of the dvd, it says "failed" but the dvds work in my dvd player. Easy to use but not the prettiest menus are created. I think there are some kinks in this software but it has worked for me everytime.

DVDStyler v1.8.1

THANK GOD IT WAS FREEWARE!!! It wasnt worth the time to download. let alone all the disks it burned, then "failed" just before finishing up.
There is no help file, and the tutorial they call a help file is a joke.
AfterDawn should be ashamed for even letting it get offered.

DVDStyler v1.6.1

I thought this was pretty descent software for a freebie. I've been trying to burn a nicer CD with menus with other apps with no success. This app worked great.

DVDStyler v1.6.0

Total garbage does not run on one machine, it crashes during generation of the dvd. On another machine the install went fine but did not install dlls the program wanted.

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