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Google Picasa v3.9 Build 137.114

Vista / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
Google Picasa is software that helps you instantly find, edit and share all the pictures on your PC.

Every time you open Picasa, it automatically locates all your pictures and sorts them into visual albums organized by date with folder names you will recognize. You can drag and drop to arrange your albums and make labels to create new groups. Picasa makes sure your pictures are always organized.


Google Picasa v3.8 Build 115.53 Google Picasa v3.8 Build 115.53

google picaca google picasa pc picture organize find

License type Freeware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 08 Mar 2014
Downloads 27,324
File size 13.84 MB (< 2min @ 1Mbps)
Supported languages English,  Finnish,  Swedish,  Norwegian,  Spanish,  Dutch,  Danish
Operating systems Vista / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

08 Mar 2014Google Picasa v3.9 Build 137.114(Latest stable version)
06 Jan 2014Google Picasa v3.9.137 (Build 80)
26 Dec 2013Google Picasa v3.9.137 (Build 76)
20 Dec 2013Google Picasa v3.9.137 (Build 74)
06 Apr 2013Google Picasa v3.9.0 Build 136.20
27 Mar 2013Google Picasa v3.9.0 Build 136.19
15 Mar 2013Google Picasa v3.9 Build 136.17
03 Jan 2013Google Picasa v3.9.136.12
13 Sep 2012Google Picasa v3.9 Build 136.9
23 Jul 2012Google Picasa v3.9 Build 136.7
06 Jun 2012Google Picasa v3.9 Build 136.04
03 May 2012Google Picasa v3.9 Build 136.02
02 May 2012Google Picasa v3.9 Build 136.01
31 Mar 2012Google Picasa v3.9 Build 135.89
13 Mar 2012Google Picasa v3.9 Build 135.87
05 Mar 2012Google Picasa v3.9 Build 135.86
27 Jan 2012Google Picasa v3.9.1 Build 135.83
04 Jan 2012Google Picasa v3.
09 Dec 2011Google Picasa v3.9
21 Apr 2011Google Picasa v3.8 Build 117.43
02 Apr 2011Google Picasa v3.8.0 Build 117.41
03 Mar 2011Google Picasa v3.8 Build 117.38
12 Dec 2010Google Picasa v3.8 Build 117.29
18 Nov 2010Google Picasa v3.8 Build 117.24
26 Oct 2010Google Picasa v3.8 Build 117.16
13 Oct 2010Google Picasa v3.8 Build 115.66
24 Sep 2010Google Picasa v3.8 Build 115.53
19 Aug 2010Google Picasa v3.8 Build 115.45
14 Jun 2010Google Picasa v3.6 Build 105.67
07 May 2010Google Picasa v3.6 Build 105.65
15 Apr 2010Google Picasa v3.6.0 Build 105.61
24 Mar 2010Google Picasa v3.6.0 Build 105.56
27 Feb 2010Google Picasa v3.6.0 Build 105.41
21 Dec 2009Google Picasa v3.6 Build 95.25
04 Nov 2009Google Picasa v3.5.0 Build 79.81
18 Oct 2009Google Picasa v3.5.0 Build 79.74
04 Oct 2009Google Picasa v3.5.0 Build 79.69
27 Sep 2009Google Picasa v3.5 Build 79.67
07 May 2009Google Picasa v3.1 Build 71.43
03 May 2009Google Picasa v3.1 Build 71.40
17 Apr 2009Google Picasa v3.1 Build 71.32
15 Apr 2009Google Picasa v3.1 Build 71.28
24 Mar 2009Google Picasa v3.1 Build 71.18
10 Jan 2009Google Picasa v3.1 Build 70.73
17 Dec 2008Google Picasa v3.1 Build 70.71
25 Nov 2008Google Picasa v3.0 Build 57.53
12 Nov 2008Google Picasa v3.0 Build 57.52 Beta
02 Nov 2008Google Picasa v3.0 Build 57.44 Beta
23 Oct 2008Google Picasa v3.0 Build 57.41 Beta
24 Sep 2008Google Picasa v3.0 Build 57.24 Beta
17 Sep 2008Google Picasa v3.0.57.22 Beta
03 Sep 2008Google Picasa v3.0.57.19 Beta
22 Aug 2008Google Picasa v2.7.37.64
21 Aug 2008Google Picasa v2.7.37.63
17 Mar 2008Google Picasa v2.7.37.49
02 Nov 2007Google Picasa v2.7 Build 37.36
03 Oct 2007Google Picasa v2.7 Build 37.32
12 Sep 2007Google Picasa v2.7.37.29
07 Sep 2007Google Picasa v2.7.37.27
22 Aug 2007Google Picasa v2.7.37.23
27 Jun 2007Google Picasa v2.7.36.60
06 May 2007Google Picasa v2.7.36.40
25 Apr 2007Google Picasa v2.7.36.37
23 Apr 2007Google Picasa v2.7.36.36
05 Feb 2007Google Picasa v2.6.0 Build 36.19
13 Dec 2006Google Picasa v2.6.0 Build 35.97.0
07 Dec 2006Google Picasa v2.6.0 Build 35.94.0
27 Nov 2006Google Picasa v2.6.0 Build 35.65.0 Beta
14 Nov 2006Google Picasa v2.5.0 Build 32.97.0 Beta
10 Oct 2006Google Picasa v2.5.0 Build 32.95.0 Beta
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Google Picasa v3.9 Build 136.9

As a photo manager it is absolutely excellent, starting with the price. There is not much it cant or doesnt do. Its easy to configure, find pictures, group them, post them online (although Facebook posting could be added.) It integrates well with Photoshop to let you do advanced editing. Its fairly foolproof in that it always backs up pictures before saving them to disk. It keeps your original when doing crops and adjustments. It searches automatically on captions and on titles. There are really few cons and they arent worth mentioning. The only thing better is ThumbsPlus and its a bit of a resource hog in latest version, whereas Picasa starts up quick runs quick and does what you need.

Google Picasa v3.1 Build 70.73

Contrary to what the previous entry states . . . Picasa 3 can be very easily set to just display the photo files you wish by clicking "tools" and then selecting "folder manager". <br/> <br/>Simply "select" or "deselect" the folders you want Picasa 3 to display and you are done. Its that simple!

Google Picasa v2.7 Build 37.36

the one thing I dont like about picasa is that is automatically locates pictures, this means that after installing it located all default pics associated with programs by adobe, microsoft, and other software makers, default pics like backround jpegs, the only way to get rid of them in your picasa folder is to go thru and manually remove them.