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Gili Privacy Protector v4.2.0

Gili Privacy Protector is a privacy protection software designed for individual users.

Date updated:01/25/2014 Downloads:991 Filesize:2.03 MB
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NirSoft Password Security Scanner v1.33

NirSoft Password Security Scanner is an interesting freeware tool you can use to check the secure nature of a password stored by a popular Windows application, without seeing the password.

Date updated:04/29/2015 Downloads:983 Filesize:270.37 kB
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DLink Password Decryptor v2.5

DLink Password Decryptor is a tool that can assist in recovering a lost password of a D-Link router or modem.

Date updated:01/13/2015 Downloads:972 Filesize:1.54 MB
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OutSource-XP v2.0.10

OutSource-XP creates backups of your Outlook 2002 / 2003 / 2007 files, settings, and eMail account settings.

Date updated:11/21/2007 Downloads:970 Filesize:4.50 MB
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All-In-One Password Decoder v5.0

All-In-One Password Decoder is the universal software to quickly recover Passwords protected with various encoding algorithms.

Date updated:07/07/2016 Downloads:946 Filesize:176.33 kB
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EraseTemp v3.5.1.11

EraseTemp is a utility that automatically deletes old temporary files from your computer.

Date updated:02/25/2014 Downloads:942 Filesize:126.99 kB
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Juniper Password Decryptor v1.5

Juniper Password Decryptor is a tool that can instantly decode and recover Juniper $9$ Passwords.

Date updated:05/09/2013 Downloads:934 Filesize:1.62 MB
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HostsMan (Portable) v4.6.103

HostsMan is a freeware hosts file manager and editor.

Date updated:11/25/2015 Downloads:919 Filesize:3.48 MB
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BestCrypt Volume Encryption v3.50.14

BestCrypt software automatically encrypts your disk partitions so that nobody can read the data unless they have the right password or keys.

Date updated:03/12/2013 Downloads:917 Filesize:6.01 MB
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Patch My PC v3.0.4.1

Patch My PC will update Windows and applications with the goal of improving your PC's security.

Date updated:03/25/2016 Downloads:916 Filesize:585.66 kB
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