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Version history for Bulk Crap Uninstaller (portable)

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Changes for v3.6.3 - v3.7.2

  • Added "Run..." context menu.
  • Added "win32" and "win64" to binary directory names.
  • Added update to Slovenian translation by Jadran Rudec.
  • Updated Polish translation.
  • Improved detection of program files directories during drive search.
  • Fixed disposed exception when starting _listLegendWindow.Show and main window is gone.
  • Fixed color legend ignoring the show legend setting.
  • Fixed rare crashes when trying to get icons.
  • Fixed icons not being populated in rare cases.
  • Fixed crash when trying to rename entries under insufficient permissions.
  • Fixed list refresh being closed twice when user times closing of main window, causing object disposed exceptions.
  • Fixed some install locations and other paths being fully in lowercase.
  • Fixed re-searching directories for applications in rare cases.

Changes for v3.6.2 - v3.6.3

  • Added transparency on hover to color legend.
  • Changed "Startup" column to show "Yes" even if startup entries are disabled.
  • Imported ObjectListView source code to fix performance issues.
  • Improved scrolling performance by removing unnecessary checks.
  • Improved speed of drawing the application list.
  • Improved speed of detecting uninstaller types (faster startup).
  • Fixed excessive CPU use when mouse is hovering over the application list.
  • Fixed color legend destroying list scrolling performance.
  • Fixed RegistryValueJunkNode backup failing if value name has a dot in its name.
  • Fixed searching for CLSID registry junk taking forever.
  • Fixed shortcuts of applications installed in same directory being wrongly detected as junk.
  • Fixed portable version leaving behind .log files.
  • Fixed rare DisposedException when closing BCU during certificate status update.

Changes for v3.6.1 - v3.6.2

  • Added ability to sort the uninstall progress list view by columns.
  • Fixed crashes during bulk uninstall not being handled properly.
  • Fixed uninstall progress sometimes failing to update properly.
  • Fixed some uninstaller commands not being recognized.
  • Code cleanup and refactoring, small performance improvements.

Changes for v3.5 - v3.6.1

  • Executables and the installer are now signed, thanks to the donations.
  • Added support for Windows Services.
  • Added searching CLSID keys for junk.
  • Added message if saving settings fails.
  • Added warning to save uninstall list before closing.
  • Added titlebar notification of unsaved uninstall lists.
  • Installer no longer optimizes performance for portable installs.
  • Major refactoring of junk system, improved backup.
  • Slightly improved speed of loading uninstallers.
  • Fixed crashes during backup and deletion of junk nodes and startup entries.
  • Fixed crashes during opening/saving uninstall lists.
  • Fixed crash on clipboard copy.
  • Fixed crash when getting installed browsers.
  • Fixed crash when closing BCU with Startup Manager open.
  • Fixed multiple ObjectDisposedExceptions.
  • Fixed some startup entries not updating their Enabled state in the startup manager.
  • Fixed some msiexec uninstallers not being detected properly.
  • Fixed possible IOException in RegistryJunk.FindJunkRecursively.
  • Fixed unexpanded environment variables in tasks.

Changes for v3.4.2 - v3.5

  • Added detection of leftover .lnk files
  • Added handling of NSIS uninstaller return codes
  • Added "Open System Recovery" menu option
  • Added localization to certificate properties
  • Improved file and registry junk detection
  • Improved install directory detection for InnoSetup and NSIS
  • Improved logic for detecting stuck quiet uninstallers
  • Fixed detection of stuck quiet Msiexec uninstallers
  • Fixed stuck timeout timer not resetting
  • Fixed install paths with dots being trimmed too much
  • Fixed malformed startup entries crashing BCU
  • Fixed some ObjectDis

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