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Version history for Tribler

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Changes for v6.2.0 RC - v6.2.0

  • Video on demand is back! No more waiting for video downloads! Also, we have seeking now.
  • Less disk and CPU consumption
  • UI improvements
  • Fixes for the bugs found in 6.1 and reported by the community during the 6.2 RCs (Thanks!)

Changes for v6.0.2 - v6.0.3

  • New: complete re-design of the user interface. The user interface is now much clearer, search results are shown considerably faster, and channels are now mixed in with the torrent results.

Changes for v5.5.19 - v5.5.20

  • FIXED: Include subdirectories while creating a torrent
  • FIXED: UDP port would not change
  • Improved: IO-error logging, hopefully allowing us to debug random glitches
  • Changed: protocol behavior in channels is slightly modified in order to prevent some rare bugs to occur.

Changes for v5.5.18 - v5.5.19

  • Include subdirectories while creating a torrent
  • Setting reqq in extended handshake, seems to improve upload performance
  • Tribler forgetting about custom directories
  • Tribler not closing, we've added more explicit shutdown statements
  • What's hot resuming update when selecting a term
  • Some gui stuff, playlists without content where trying to convince people to add torrents while sometimes they actually could not

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