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How Do I Play BIN and CUE files?

Asked by: Anonymous User, 31 Oct 2005 14:53

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Dela (94)

If you have gotten .BIN and .CUE files, then you have obtained a CD Image, or Images. The BIN file is basically an entire CD in one file, and the CUE file stores information on the .BIN file that is needed when burning, or mounting to a virtual CD drive. A .cue/.bin image could be anything like a <strong>Data CD</strong> or a VCD or SVCD. If you think that your BIN and CUE files are movie files, then there are a few methods to playing them, if they are VCD and SVCD.

IMPORTANT</B>: These instructions are a few years old. However, we have a newer, more detailed and eloquent set of instructions for BIN and CUE files in our Guides section. Click here to read our proper [b]How to play BIN and CUE files article.

Playing with Media Player Classic

<strong>Media Player Classic</strong> is an excellent media player that can play back a huge amount of video and audio files. To attempt to play in Media Player Classic, click <strong>File --> Open File</strong>. Now click the button beside the <strong>Open:</strong> text field so you can browse to the folder with your bin and cue files in it. Change <strong>Objects of Type</strong> to <strong>All Files</strong>. Now double click one of the bin files. You will be taken back to the <strong>Open</strong> box now, simply click <strong>OK</strong> and if you have a VCD or SVCD image, it should begin playing immediately.

Download <strong>Media Player Classic</strong> from:

<strong>Mount to Virtual CD Drive with Daemon Tools</strong>

With <strong>Daemon tools</strong> you can create up to 4 virtual fake CD drives. You can then mount image files, including BIN / CUE images and your computer will simply believe that you have inserted a CD. This means you will be able to play your VCD or SVCD image in any player such as WinDVD. Download and install Daemon Tools, you will need to reboot after installation. Now after your reboot, run Daemon Tools (although it could already be running). It will appear in the system tray in the lower right corner of the screen. It's a red icon.

Right click on it and put the mouse over <strong>Virtual CD/DVD-ROM</strong>. Now go to <strong>Set number of devices</strong> and choose how many virtual drives you want, (you only need one of course to mount an image). Daemon tools will now take a few moments to load the Virtual Drive. Now once again right click and move the mouse to Virtual CD/DVD-ROM and this time you will see a new device in the list. Move the mouse over it then click <strong>Mount Image</strong>. Browse for your bin and cue files and select and open the cue file. Daemon tools will now mount the image onto the virtual CD drive so you can play it with anything that would play it off CD.

Download <strong>Daemon Tools</strong> from:

Burn with Nero Burning Rom

The main thing that is intended to be done with bin/cue images is burning to CD. This is simple with <strong>Nero Burning Rom</strong>. Simply run Nero and click Recorder --> Burn Image. Now browse to the folder with your bin.cue images and select and open a cue file. Insert blank media to write to, set your burn speed (lower speeds are more reliable) and click <strong>Burn</strong>.

Download Nero Burning Rom from:

If you need further help with bin/cue images, visit our Discussion Forums.

31 Oct 2005 14:53


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