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I have a 2wire router with AT&T DSL and when I am downloading from the internet I cannot connect (WiFi) to the web with my browser.

The broadband link flashes orange all the time also, which causes lack of connection briefly. Its so annoying.

Asked by: dawg81, 11 Mar 2011 18:32


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deak91 (29)

i have a att 2wire 4 port wifi i was getting the orange light all the time. i called att they said my router gave out and i was just out of warranty so they tired to sell me a new one i said no way in hell. since i upgraded i used a back up i had (long story short)i found the power supply crapped out only and luck may have it it uses the same power supply as the psp plugged the psp power supply in and its works like new and the was over a year and a half ago . i guess what im telling you is the 2wire are good but the power supply thet use are crap so check that out first you mught be lucky like me and save some money

11 Mar 2011 22:40
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Unverified new user

Yeah, I have a 2wire router as well and the wifi is just terrible. If you are downloading anything via wifi it usually drops the connection altogether. We still have problems with the wifi. What we did was open all the necessary ports for each computer. Is it possible to hardwire yourself in? My brother gave up on wifi, and he plugs a cord from the u-verse cable box to his computer directly. Another solution may be to wire in a wireless router into your 2wire box. We were thinking of doing this until we opened up the ports and everything seems to work consistently now.

11 Mar 2011 19:29
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Unverified new user

I have the AT&T U-verse. The wireless works fine for the laptop. The wireless is junk on my desktop.

The 2 Wire USB plug in for my desktop computer was replaced using two Asoka Pluglinks. One plugs into the wall socket near the computer and runs a line to my DSL connector on the PC. The other pluglink goes into the wall socket near the router and runs a line to the router. This uses the home wiring system to connect my desktop PC to the router. Yes, it works fine and I get a higher speed connection.

I complained to AT&T about the 2 Wire wireless system and they confessed it IS crap. They provided the Asokas at no charge to me. Call them, complain, and demand a fix. Maybe the plugs can work for you too. Also ask for any other ideas they may have for your situation. They worked hard to solve my issues - and succeeded.

11 Mar 2011 20:07
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I also have the 2Wire for my home system. Im on Netzero DSL. I recently had a similar problem and contacted tech support. I ended up testing each and every phone outlet in the house until isolated down to one. Unplugged the phone and connection cleared up. Tech support informed me that most homes can only support up to a max of 5 devices before interrupting the DSL service. Why would it work perfect for 5 years then suddenly BURP!!!!!? According to Tech . . . Sometimes they do that.

12 Mar 2011 13:56
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20TONS (215)

What service level do you have with AT&T? I have the 6 Mbps and when I stream video through Netflix and 2 computers connected via wireless 1 of them gets knocked off. This is more than likely the result of maxing out my bandwidth.

You didnt include what youre downloading I.E. (torrents, music, etc.) Torrents eat up bandwidth.

18 Mar 2011 1:27

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