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WTF is with AfterDawn?? I download a software installer but I get a stupid dlownload manager???

If I wanted to screw around with a stupid download manager, Id go to or C/Net.


Asked by: ivymike, 06 Feb 2013 18:28


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Dela (94)

Changed question to remove swearing. I dont see the download manager, I think its down to geolocation, but even if you do see it, theres an option to download without the download manager on the splash page (the page that shows up after you click Download). Even if you do get the download manager, you can decline anything extra and itll download the file (it might do nothing at all except that, again, depending on location).

This is tech support area, if you have feedback for the site please use the Feedback button on the homepage.

06 Feb 2013 19:09
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ddp (-603)

ive seen it today & im in canada.

06 Feb 2013 20:36
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scorpNZ (2187)

The issue i just struck & what the op is most probably referring to is the download manager doesnt let you move on using the next button without ticking the toolbar etc boxes,instead you have to use close then use decline on the next crap just to get to install what you were after,this software will show whats happening

edit: not all downloads use a download manager some are just the installer of what your after

06 Feb 2013 23:38
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Dela (94)

Scorp, ddp, ivymike - we looked into it (still looking in to what you said about not being able to proceed to download, scorp) and decided that for logged in users you shouldnt get the download manager at all. So if you are logged in to aD you shouldnt get the download manager, just the file. Post back if that change isnt live for you.

07 Feb 2013 8:44
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scorpNZ (2187)

Im always logged in,so with that link i put up,if you hit the green download button you will eventually get the save file window,the file downloads to wherever you put it

when the downloaded file is executed you will get the install window which contacts a server to download some install manager,normally you'd get the option to opt out of toolbars etc before install this thing appears to do that after,so you go thru the motions the first opt out is easy enough even tho decline button is greyed out it still works,its the window after that when you hit next nothing happens unless you hit cancel or the close,which brings up some other crap then after you close or cancel that it finally installs

using the direct link just does the same thing & downloads the same bundled whatever

ps: its not an issue for me as i'm aware of those buggers trying all sorts of tricky dicky stuff to get one to install there stuff thats bundled

08 Feb 2013 2:49

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