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Preview, Rendering, Burning

The next page is the Preview page which includes a virtual remote control to help you check out your newly created AVCHD as if it were the real thing playing on your Blu-ray player. Once you are satisfied the disc is as good as you want it to be hit Next again and you will be met by the final page of this guide.

The final page, the Burn Options page, shows the details of your project and gives you the option to change burning settings. I recommend burning write from the program instead of saving to the hard drive as Nero Vision 5 has a bug where the "Write to Hard disk Folder" leaves the output directory structure and files incorrectly tagged, thus forcing you to manually change them. So for that reason, we will be burning directly through Nero, right now.

Under Burn To..., select the writer you want to use. If you only have one then the option should be pretty clear :)

For Volume Name, write the name you want to have written with the disc. When you are playing it back later this name will show up in your player of choice before selecting to play it.

Under Recording settings you can change the burn speed for the disc. I recommend half of your maximum write speed( in this case 8x).

Once that is done, hit Burn and let it do its business.

Once it has completed (depends on computer speed and input file size, as well as quality settings) then you will have your new custom AVCHD DVD to be played on any Blu-ray standalone or drive. :)

Final Thoughts and related links

Hopefully you will now be able to make an AVCHD DVD using Nero Vision 5. If you have any questions or problems, please visit out Discussion Forums for help. Even more specifically, we have a Nero forum that can be found here.

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Complete Nero Vision 5 AVCHD Authoring GuideYou are viewing Page 4 of 4 -- Go to page , 1 , 2 , 3 ,
Written by: Andre Yoskowitz