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Convert PAL to NTSC

Over the years Afterdawn has been around, one question that has come up repeatedly is how to convert PAL video to NTSC. Even though modern digital TVs and Blu-ray players aren't limited to PAL or NTSC support, many people still have older analog TVs and DVD players. It can still be useful to know how to convert between the two standards.


You may already know that PAL is the analog TV standard used in most of the world, while NTSC is used almost exclusively in North America. What's more important is how the two are different, and what you can do to get from one to the other.

Despite some fundamental differences, PAL and NTSC aren't significantly different when it comes to digital video. What is different is the resolution and framerate. NTSC video has a standard resolution of 720x480. Changing the resolution is a fairly easy thing to accomplish, although it will require some kind of re-encoding. What's more complicated is the framerate. PAL video runs at 25fps (frames per second). NTSC, on the other hand runs at 29.97fps (or 23.976fps with some parts repeated). This is a somewhat more complicated issue to address, but as you'll see as you continue reading, there are many programs that can do the job.

If you already have, or are familiar with, one of the programs covered here you may want to start with the relevant section.

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Written by: Rich Fiscus