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Remove HDD Bay

Figure 2 : Removing the HDD Bay/Adapter from the intact case.

As shown in Figure 2, press a finger down on the release button for the HDD bay and lift it out of the slot until it is totally disconnected from the case.

Remove Faceplate

Figure 3 : Remove Faceplate

Hold the Xbox 360 as shown in Figure 3 and use one hand to pop-off the faceplate as shown. It will literally pop-off with enough force (and won't snap) if you grab it from the bottom of the console and push it outwards with your finger tips as shown.

Remove Right (Bottom) Ventilation Shield

Figure 4: Use small Flat Head screwdriver to release left clasp.

Figure 5: Use small Flat Head screwdriver to release center clasp.

Figure 6: Use small Flat Head screwdriver to release right clasp.

The ventilation shields need to be removed from the console. We will start with the shield on the right side of the console if sitting horizontally, or the bottom of the console if you sit it vertically. Look at Figure 4 to see the whereabouts of the first clasp to be released. Push the flat-head screwdriver (or anything that will fit) into the ventilation hole as shown (might not be that exact one with your case) while pulling the ventilation shield away from the console with your hand. Once you have that done, remove the clasp on the opposite side of the console (there are three on each side).

Then do the same for the Center clasp (as shown in Figure 5) and the Right Clasp (as shown in Figure 6) until the ventilation shield pops out of the case altogether. This can be a little bit tedious the first time you do it but if you keep trying you will remove it.

Remove Left (Top) Ventilation Shield

Figure 7 : Remove rubber pad

Figure 8 : Use flat-head screwdriver to pop out clasp

Figure 9: Use flat-head screwdriver to pop out clasp

Figure 10: Use small Flat Head screwdriver to release center clasp.

Figure 11: Use small Flat Head screwdriver to release final clasps.

Removing the left (top) ventilation shield is a little bit harder than the bottom. First of all you should remove the two rubber pads as shown in Figure 7, which will reveal one with a hole you can use to pop-out a clasp later. Make sure to keep the pads somewhere where you won't lose them as they are very small. They will simply stick back in later.

As shown in Figure 8 and Figure 9, you have to release two of the clasps by putting the flathead screwdriver into the two holes that can be seen in the pictures. Push in the screwdriver and angle it toward the outer case, then you can push the screwdriver outward and you will see the ventilation shield loosening. Pull it up with your fingers. Remember, again, push the screwdriver into the hole, angled toward the outer-case and then it is in as far as it can do without resistance, push it away from the outer case and it will release the clasp.

Figure 10 and Figure 11 show how, just like before, you can use the flat-head screwdriver or something that will fit to release the claps through the ventilation holes on the outer case, only this time one of these holes will be positioned where you previously removed a rubber padding. Keep working on this until the ventilation shield comes off, then lay the console down horizontally.

Release 4 Clasps on Front of Console

Figure 12: Shows the location of 4 clasps (red) and 1 Microsoft sticker (green)

Figure 12 shows where each side of the Outer case is clasped together in red. The green marker on the picture shows where the Microsoft sticker will be. You need to simply peel off this sticker to be able to open the console any further. As for the red clasps, if you look closely at them (click picture to enlarge it) you will notice they are quite easy to release with a flat-head screwdriver or something that will be able to fit. Simply pop all four off until you have that half of the case opened as shown below in Figure 13.

Remove DVD Eject Button

Figure 13: Remove DVD-ROM Eject Button

Figure 14: DVD-ROM Eject Button

You need to pop the DVD-ROM Eject button off when the front clasps of your case have been released. To do this, look at Figure 13, simply use the flat-head screw-driver. Push it in underneath the black clasp and simply push it off, you will not break it. Then put the DVD-ROM eject button somewhere safe. Make sure not to allow the front clasps rejoin and turn the console around to release the clasps on the rear of the console as shown in Figure 15.

Remove Rear Latches

Figure 15: Shows the location of clasps at the back of the console in red

Figure 16: Using flat-head screwdriver to release clasps

Figure 17: All clasps released, case can now slide off.

Figure 15 shows the back of an Xbox 360 (Xenon model) and highlights in red where you can find the spaces you need to push the tiny flat head screwdriver into to release the clasps. Please note however that newer models of the console will have a slightly different arrangement at the back but the concept is still the same.

In Figure 16, it shows how you can push the flat-head screwdriver into the small rectangular spaces provided. Push it right in there and don't worry about making tiny bits of noticeable damage to the outer case, this is unavoidable. For each space, you will hear a loud clicking noise when the clasp has been released. It helps to be trying to lift the case off when you are doing this so as to not allow then re-clasp, which is very annoying and will happen.

Figure 17 shows all the clasps released and the case being held just barely on the console.

Remove Bottom Of Outer Case

Figure 18: The bottom half (left side) of the case removed

Once you have released the front and back clasps holding the outer case together, you can simply lift off the bottom half of the case, exploring the metallic inner shell of the case for the first time.

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On the next page, we will look at getting inside the inner shell of the casing and removing the DVD-ROM drive, its power cable and the SATA cable.

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Written by: James Delahunty