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Remove 6 Silver Screws

Figure 19: Use T8 (or T10, whatever fits from your kit) top remove the six screws highlighted in red

Figure 20: Shows the removal of silver screw with T8 screwdriver

Figure 21: The removed screws are slightly different but the same size. The four on the right are to hold the DVD-ROM drive in

Look at Figure 19 (click to enlarge if needed) to see the location of the 6 silver screws that you must remove from the console. I used a T8 screwdriver from my set, but other guides suggest it is a T10 that is required. Use whatever screwdriver from your kit fits the best and remove the screws as shown in Figure 20.

Figure 21 shows how the screws, while the same size, are slightly different in appearance. The four from the right inward are slightly different because they hold the DVD-ROM drive to the board and case. This is something you should remember (look back over) on re-assembling of the console.

Remove Top of Outer Case

Figure 22: With the 6 screws removed, the outer case will just pop-off. Highlighted in red is another sticker to be removed.

Figure 23: The inner shell of an Xbox 360 (Xenon)

After you have removed the six long silver screws from the case that were shown in Figure 19, you will be able to simply turn over the console and lift off the outer shell (Figure 22), exposing the inner shell for the first time, as seen in Figure 23. What we can see immediately is the DVD-ROM drive, the Fan Shroud and the CPU heatsink.

Note: Do not forget to remove the sticker highlighted in red in Figure 22 or else you will be unable to remove the DVD-ROM drive.

Remove DVD-ROM Drive

Figure 24: Lift the DVD-ROM drive and remove the cable from the rear

Figure 25: Xbox 360 inner shell without DVD-ROM drive

In Figure 24, it shows how you can just simply pull the DVD-ROM drive out of the case now. It is not screwed down and is only being held by one sticker highlighted in Figure 22, and is connected by a power cable and SATA cable as shown in Figure 24. Remove the SATA cable and power cable from the back of the DVD-ROM drive as shown and then simply lift out the DVD-ROM drive from the case, as shown in Figure 25.

Remove SATA & DVD-ROM Power Cable from Board

Figure 26 : Remove SATA and DVD-ROM power cable from the board

The DVD-ROM power cable and the SATA cable now need to be removed from the board altogether. Do this with your fingers as shown in Figure 26. The first time they are removed might require a bit more force than feels comfortable, but if you try to spread it evenly, you will not do any damage to the board, so don't worry.

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On the next page, we will remove the RF module and the stock fans. Then we will unscrew the motherboard from the inner shell of the case and remove it.

Page 4 - Remove RF Module, Fans & Motherboard

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Written by: James Delahunty