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Remove RF Module Unit

Figure 27: Pull off the plastic button cover

Figure 28 : Highlighted in red are three screws I removed with T6

Figure 29: Pop the RF module off with your fingers from bottom-left as shown

Figure 27 shows the white plastic cover over the Xbox 360 power button and four LED lights. This is just clipped on and can be removed with your fingers, simply pull it o0ff as shown in Figure 27.

Figure 28 highlights three screws that you will need to remove with a T6 or whatever fits from your Torx kit. Figure 29 shows where to pull the RF Module off the casing from. Simply get the tips of your fingers in behind the RF Module at the bottom-left as shown in Figure 29 and pull it off from there.

Remove Fan Shroud

Figure 30 : Pop off the Fan Shroud from clip with a flat-head screwdriver

The big white Fan Shroud shown in Figure 30 is next. Simply use the flat-head screwdriver as shown to pop the Shroud away from the clip that keeps it attached, and then simply use your other hand to pull the shroud out of the case, it is not attached in any way.

Disconnect Fan Power Cable and Remove Stock Fans

Figure 31: Shows the fan Power Supply cable

Figure 32: Use flat heat screwdriver to lift metallic casing and pull out Fans

Figure 33 : Pull out fans all the way and remove them from the case

Figure 31 shows the Power cable for the Fans connected to the board. Simply push down on the clasp and pull the cable away from the slot. In Figure 32, it shows how there are two small clasps that hole the fans to the metallic casing. In order to release this, push the flat head screwdriver between the top of the fans and the case as shown in Figure 32, and push up the metallic casing while simultaneously pulling the fans outwards as sown.

Figure 33 just shows how the fans will be able to stretch out past the metallic casing that holds it in place without damaging anything on the board. Once you have it as shown in Figure 33, simply pull it out. The resistance you feel is not a screw, it is a small black plastic bolt that will slip away from the metallic casing when you pull the fans out.

Remove 17 Screws (9 Silver board-screws, 8 brown heatsink)

Figure 34 : In red are silver screws that bolt the board to the case. In green are the 8 heatsink screws. Remove with T6 or whatever fits

Figure 35 : Shows 9 silver screws and 8 brown screws

Remove Motherboard from Inner Shell

Figure 36: Once all screws are released, you can lift out the motherboard

Figure 37: Motherboard removed from Xbox 360 shell

Figure 34 shows the silver screws you must now remove in red, and the 8 brown screws in green, for a total of 17 you need to remove. I used a T6 screwdriver for all of these. Make sure to account for all of your screws, shown in Figure 35. Once the screws are out, you can simply pull the motherboard out of the case as shown in Figure 36. Remember not to pull too hard on the CPU heatsink, as it is not screwed to the board and is being held down with one of the X-Clamps on the underside of the board.

Console Fully Disassembled

Figure 38: Xbox 360 completely disassembled

The picture above shows a fully disassembled Xbox 360 console, except for the HDD bay, which is shown on the next page for those interested.

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On the next page, we will look at taking the 2.5" Hard Disk Drive from the Xbox 360's HDD adapter.

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Disassemble Xbox 360 Console & HDD Bay Viewing Page 4 -- Go To
Written by: James Delahunty