Beginning Conversion.

Now that you have all your settings configured, you are ready to begin the encoding. Click the Conversion tab. Click Go --> Start Conversion then click Yes when asked to confirm.

Step.1 Start A New Compilation.

When Nero Burning Rom loads, you should get the New Compilation window. If you do not get this window, simple click File --> New. Look at the window for a second. Make sure that you have DVD selected (right under where it says Compilation Window). Now go down the list to DVD-Video and select it. Now click the New button.

Step.2 Add DVD Files to Compilation.

Use the File Browser in Nero to locate the DVD files that were created by DVD2SVCD (or really they were created by DVD Author). When you locate the files, simply select them all with your mouse and drag them across to the VIDEO_TS folder in the compilation window. It is very important that the files go into the VIDEO_TS. You can give your Compilation any name you want as it doesn't really matter.

Step.3 Burn DVD

The Last thing you have to do now is burn the DVD. Click Recorder - Burn Compilation, choose your burn speed and click Burn. The amount of time it will take to burn depends on the speed of your drive and your media.


Now you should have a burned DVD that will auto-start without any menu's and have chapters every five minutes, or whatever you picked. You can also use another authoring program as you will find the files you need in the default output folder you selected. If you are having any problems, or having any questions, go and ask in the AfterDawn forums. You may PM me if you are having real trouble. If you have noticed an error I have made with the guide or would like to make a suggestion on something I could add, then go to the forums and send me a PM.

If you would like to read up on more advanced issues of D2SRoBa please visit the D2SRoBa homepage.

Version History

v1.0 -- 12th November, 2004, First version online (Dela)

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Inroduction & Requirements
  2. 2. Merge files and get information
  3. 3. Setup DVD2SVCD and begin conversion
  4. 4. Burn DVD with Nero Burning Rom
Written by: James Delahunty