How to Convert DivX to DVDR with DVD2SVCD

In this guide you will learn how to convert your DivX movies to DVD (DVDR, DVD-R, DVD+R etc.) (also works with XviD movies). We will use the standard methods with DVD2SVCD to do this. Don't let the name DVD2SVCD fool you, it is capable of handling a DivX to DVDR conversion. Since DVD2SVCD has no built in video encoder, you have a choice between using either CCE SP, TMPGEnc (Plus) or QuEnc as an external encoder. DVD2SVCD will do most of the work itself, including audio encoding (using BeSweet) so this method is very easy.

How good is the quality?

First of all, one major factor in the output quality is the quality of the input DivX file. If your input DivX file is low resolution and low birate then I suggest you think about converting to to VCD or SVCD instead of wasting a DVDR. For good quality converting DivX to DVDR, you are advised to use high quality DVDRips for best results. The encoder you pick is also very important. CCE SP is probably the highest quality option you have, as well as the most expensive option you have. QuEnc is a freeware encoder that has been known to reach the quality of CCE SP at times. TMPGEnc is a pretty high quality encoder, but if you are using the freeware version it has just a 30-day trial period for MPEG-2 encoding. The audio quality will be pretty high after BeSweet processes it. However, if your DivX file(s) has AC3 audio, then you can use the source AC3 audio on the DVD. If your DivX comes in two separate parts, you will have to merge them together to create one file, I will show you how to do that with VirtualDUB.

What exactly are we aiming for?

In this guide we are aiming to create an auto-starting DVDR from your DivX movie with no Menu, but has fixed chapters. If you want to author your DVD using another program like TMPGEnc DVD Author or DVD-Lab, that is fine, you will find the encoded video and encoded audio in the folder you choose DVD2SVCD to output all the files to. First however, we must merge your two DivX files together if you have two, and then find some details on the files we need to make a proper conversion.

Software used in this Guide.

DivX codec(WinXP) OR DivX codec(Win98/ME) - Needed first to play your DivX files.
XviD Codec- Needed if your input file is XviD.
AC3 Filters - This depends whether your DivX/XviD file(s) have AC3 audio, but even if they don't, installation is recommended.
DVD2SVCD - This guide uses Ver. 1.2.2 build 3.
VirtualDUB - Needed to merge two DivX files together.
AviCodec OR GSpot - Needed to get Information from your DivX file.
QuEnc OR TMPGEnc OR CCE SP 2.50 - Choose one as your external video encoder.
Nero Burning Rom - Application to burn to DVD-R.

Things to Remember.

If you are running anything up to Windows ME, using a FAT32 file system, then this conversion may not work, unless you make sure all output files are less than 4GB. Also disable anything that may run during the encoding process such as a Screen Saver, Scheduled Task or Scheduled virus scan. These processes will only slow down your encoding time. Well with this in mind, let's move onto the first steps which are merging DivX files and getting needed information on them. You will need about 25GB at least free on your HDD to do this conversion correctly. When converting DivX to DVDR you will not achieve DVD quality, but if your source DivX was a DVD-Rip then you should get pretty close. Use good DVDR media when encoding. DVD+R is not particularly better than DVD-R and it's more expensive so I suggest you buy DVD-R if you are new to this and if your DVD Burner supports it.
Written by: James Delahunty
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