Downloading and installing software in Mac OS X

This guide goes through the downloading and installing process for Mac OS X software using our Downloads section. The software you find from Downloads section divide into two file format categories - installation packages and compressed .zip files. In Mac OS X the installation packages carry the .dmg file extension and the compressed packages downloadable in our Downloads section carry .zip extension.

Downloading and installing installation packages (.dmg)
Downloading and installing compressed files (.zip)

Downloading and installing installation packages (.dmg)

When you have found the desired program, in this case the Mac OS X version of Vuze, you can see the information box on the right hand side of the page containing all the related information.

Start the download by pressing Download link.

If your using Firefox 3 web browser, the download dialog should look like pictured above. Like we can see from the picture, the Vuze installation package is in a common .dmg Disk Image file format. Depending on your web browser settings, the default option is set to either Open with or Safe file. You can select the Save file option and save the file on your desktop. If you are not familiar with the installing process in Mac OS X you can educate yourself with the detailed Quick Assist article by Apple.

When you have downloaded the file, you can double click it to open the package. The DiskImageMounter opens the package and a Volume or a Virtual Drive appears on the Desktop. By clicking the Vuze Volume it will open the contents of the file, in this case the Vuze Application file. In Mac OS X the installation of the Application file is really easy, just copy or drag-and-drop the Application to your Applications Folder. After this you can delete the Volume by dragging it to the Trash or by clicking the secondary mouse button and selecting Eject "Vuze". After you've removed the Volume you can continue by deleting the installation package.

Downloading and installing compressed files (.zip)

In some cases the file can be in a compressed .zip file format. In this case we look at a program called DVD2OneX.

You can download the file by clicking the Download link and save it for example on your desktop.

When you have saved the file on your desktop you can double click it to open and extract the file.

After the file has been extracted the application file should appear in your desktop. You can install the program by dragging the application file to you Applications folder
Written by: Matti Robinson