Copy DVD-9 movie to a single DVD-R with DVD2One

Ok, this guide describes probably the easiest and fastest method available for copying any DVD-9 movie (movie that takes more than 4.36GB of space and doesn't fit directly on one DVD-R) to a single recordable DVD disc (DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD R or DVD RW) using the super-fast tool called DVD2One.

This method removes all extras and menus from the original DVD layout and allows copying only one part of the DVD and therefor doesn't work for discs that contain multiple main features, such as TV series DVDs that contain multiple episodes on one disc. But guide works perfectly for virtually all Hollywood movies just fine.

If your movie isn't DVD-9, but DVD-5 instead (whole disc takes less than 4.36GB of space), you should use this guide instead. If you're intesrested to check if movie is DVD-9 or DVD-5 without manually checking it, you can use our DVD layer database for that.


Obviously you need to have a DVD writer that supports either DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD R or DVD RW format -- DVD-RAM wont do it, so if you have writer that only burns DVD-RAM discs, consider donating it to charity and buying a real DVD writer instead. Secondly, you need to have at least 13GB of free HDD with appx 7-8GB of that space on ONE partition (file system doesn't matter any more) for ripping the DVD-9 and converting it to DVD-5. In addition to this, you need these tools:
  • DVD Decrypter (free, excellent DVD ripper)
  • DVD2One (commercial -- costs $35, demo version limits copys to 30mins)
  • DVD burning software, such as Nero

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Introduction and requirements
  2. 2. Rip the DVD using DVD Decrypter
  3. 3. Encode the movie with DVD2One
Written by: Petteri Pyyny