Copy entire DVD-9 movie to a single DVD-R using DVD Shrink

With this guide, we will make a backup of a DVD-9 disc (DVD-9 means a DVD that is bigger than 4.36GB and therefore doesn't fit on a single DVD-/+R without removing something from the disc or re-encoding the disc. To find out whether your movie is a DVD-9 or DVD-5, please refer to our DVD layer information database.) to a single DVD-R (or DVD+R, DVD+RW or DVD-RW) disc, maintaining all the extras and menus with the disc.

IMPORTANT: Newer Versions of this Process

NOTE: This guide, while still working, has not been updated since 2004. However, we do have newer, more complete and more comprehensive guides for using DVD Shrink available right now.

How to copy DVDs with DVD Shrink

This newer guide shows you how to copy a full DVD (movie/episodes, menus, extras etc.) while also taking into account that problems can occur with newer DVDs. It also shows how to trim possibly hundreds of megabytes from a motion menu.

How to copy DVDs (Movie Only) with DVD Shrink

This newer guide shows you how to copy just the main feature (i.e. movie) of a DVD and doesn't include the extras or menus. This generally leads to higher quality. It also takes into account that problems might occur with newer DVDs and shows you how to get around it.

Hopefully one of the above guides will help you to make perfect backups. If you want to learn how to do other cool things, like copying two full movies to one DVD disc with DVD Shrink, then check out our Guide Section.


To make things easier, we will use DVD Shrink for everything. Process the material from the HDD instead of DVD. We can no longer provide ripping instructions however, for more information please see -->

Anyway, the only piece of software you need is to follow this guide is:

In addition to DVD Shrink, you obviously need to have at least 11 to 18 gigabytes of free HDD space available, a DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW or DVD+RW drive and optionally DVD burning software, such as Nero. DVD Shrink is capable of directly accesssing the Nero burning engine, so if you have Nero installed, you can burn directly from DVD Shrink. That's what we'll be doing in this guide.

Lets begin...

The first thing to do is to click the Open Disk button located in the top-left corner of the main window. If you have already ripped the DVD using appropriate software, and have the files located on your hard disk drive, click on the Open Files button instead, and locate the folder where the VOB files are located.

Having clicked it (provided that you have more than one optical drives), you need to select the correct DVD drive where the disc you want to backup is located.

After you've selected the disc, DVD Shrink will do a quick analysis on the disc. This will make less than 30 seconds in most of the cases if you have relatively modern hardware in use. After this is done, make sure that the Full Disk button is pressed down at the top of the main window.

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Preparing for backup
  2. 2. Removing unwanted features
  3. 3. Encoding the movie
Written by: Jari Ketola