Compressing with DVDXPress

Please note that if you have just ripped your DVD to your Hard Disk with DVD Decrypter, then you should remove the DVD from your drive (or any DVD's in any drive) so that the program will allow you to browse for a folder instead of a disc. If your DVD had no copy protection then leave it in the drive and wait for the Start button to appear on DVDXPress. The Double Layer button are for those lucky enough to have DL DVD burners and DL media so there is no compression required. Entire disc will copy the entire disc instead of movie only. The Options button expands the program and shows more options. If your DVD if on your Hard Disk, then click the Browse button and locate the folder containing all the files.

DVDXPress Options

If you selected Entire Disc, you cannot click Options. You can select an audio track as default but I suggest you change it to Ask me to see exactly what audio track you are picking for your Movie. Subtitles lets you pick a subtitle stream for your Movie and Temp Path lets you choose a folder for temporary files. Make sure that folder has enough free space. You should know if your movie is widescreen or fullscreen so select whichever Video Format it is. Now click the Start.

Select Audio Track

If you selected Ask Me for Audio in Options, then the program will ask you once again to pick an audio track before it starts reading your DVD. The only difference is, this time it will show a little bit more information on your audio. For example it shows the main english Audio as 6CH audio. Some DVD's also come with 2CH audio (which sounds better on some TVs). The other English options in the picture are more than likely just director commentary. Select your Audio track and click OK for the process to start.

Write DVD

After DVDXPress is finished reading and processing, it will ask you to put in a blank DVD disc. The time the processing and burning will take depends on your hardware and the blank media you use.


This guide should have shown you how to quickly backup your DVD movies using DVDXPress. If you have any problems or questions, please visit our Discussion Forums and ask them there.

Version History

v1.0 -- 31st January, 2005, First version online (Dela)

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Introduction & Requirements
  2. 2. Ripping DVD's with DVD Decrypter
  3. 3. Compressing and Burning with DVDXPress
Written by: James Delahunty