DVD Rebuilder Advanced Techniques

Using DVD Rebuilder and CCE Basic is starting to become something of a standard for people who want to compress a lot of DVD-9 movies with the highest possible quality, but don't have the money (or interest in pirated software) to use methods like The Big 3 or the knowledge to use AviSynth, CCE, IfoEdit, IfoUpdate, and probably a couple of other programs by themselves. This is a great way to backup big DVDs, but in its current incarnation, Rebuilder barely scratches the surface of what's possible by adding a couple of helper applications and some additional filters (plugins) for AviSynth

Software Used In This Guide

DVD Rebuilder

AviSynth Plugins


This guide uses tools designed specifically for working with DVD Rebuilder's ECL and AVS files. There are no installers for these tools, and at some point they may be rolled into DVD Rebuilder so you won't even need to download them individually. For the moment, I recommend unzipping them into the same directory as Rebuilder, each in it's own subdirectory, but you can keep them wherever you want. Just make sure you know the path to each one so you can run it later.

In the case of AviSynth plugins you need to copy the DLL files from each plugin you're using to the C:\Program Files\AviSynth\plugins directory to make them work. RBFarm is already in release status, so you don't need to worry too much about updates, but other tools (including DVD Rebuilder) are still in beta so make sure you check for updates regularly.
Written by: Rich Fiscus