Other Useful Programs

Since DVD Rebuilder is designed only for full disc backups, it doesn't include any tools for altering menus or removing features. That just means you need to have any major changes to the disc structure made before you start it. I've used different combinations of VobBlanker, DVD Stripper, and DVD Shrink on most of my movies before encoding with DVD Rebuilder and never had a problem. I've also used IfoEdit to strip all extra angles from a 3 angle movie to get Rebuilder to back it up.

Although I haven't done it personally, you could also use DVD Shrink to put 2 reauthored movies on a single disc (with no compression) and then use DVD Rebuilder to compress. Right now I'm working on learning DVDRemake to do even more. The possibilities are really only limited by your own experience and imagination. There's even another helper program (RB-Keeper) with even more useful tweaks in it and yet another AVS editor. I'll include instructions for that program in my next update, after I've had time to play with it a little.

The Future Of DVD Rebuilder

Once all (or almost all) the bugs have been worked out of DVD Rebuilder, the author has said he will be adding some advanced features, including incorporating at least some of the tools that have been written to work with it. Eventually you should be able to do everything in this guide with just Rebuilder.

If you want to make sure this happens it wouldn't hurt to make a donation. If you want to request a feature it's pretty much mandatory. You can donate at PayPal


I'd like to thank the authors of DVD Rebuilder and it's associated helper applications for making these fine tools. Without you guys none of this would be possible.

I'd especially like to thank jdobbs, DVD Rebuilder's author, for helping me double check my facts and Quantum for indulging my inner geek with RBFarm. And let's not forget our own Ketola for taking the time to get my guides and updates online.

Finally, I'd like to thank all of the knowledgeable posters, here at AfterDawn and on Doom9 in particular, but also on a number of other forums, without whom I wouldn't know half of what I do now.

Version history

v1.0 - Initial version by Vurbal (2004-07-11)




Written by: Rich Fiscus