Install Software

DVD Rebuilder doesn't have an installer. Simply unzip the 2 files (Rebuilder.exe and rebuilder.txt) to their own folder wherever you want to run the program from. Next, extract Mpeg2Dec3dg.dll (from into the same folder as the DVD Rebuilder files. DVD Decrypter, AviSynth, and CCE Basic all have installers that should be self explanatory. Make sure you check for updates to DVD Rebuilder periodically. They're generally released arounde once a week, but this is completely dependent on jdobbs' time and as more bugs are fixed and features implemented, you should expect fewer and less frequent updates.

Configure DVD Rebuilder

Before you start, you'll want to configure DVD Rebuilder. Run Rebuilder.exe and select the Mode menu. CCE Mode, Verbose Status Window, and Dynamically Assign Cell Bitrates should already have check marks next to them. If they don't, select them to get the check marks. Check One Click Mode as well. The bottom option on this menu, Suppress Warning Prompts can also be checked if you don't want DVD Rebuilder to warn you before it deletes files in your working directory. Once you've set Rebuilder up the first time, you won't need to do it again unless you want to tweak the settings or use some of the optional features. Any time you get an updated version, you should keep your Rebuilder.ini file from the old version to save your settings. If you're installing the new version into a different directory, simply copy the INI file into the same directory as the new DVD Rebuilder.

Now select the Options menu and click AVS options. Make sure ConvertToYUY2() is checked and uncheck AudioDub(BlankClip()). Also under AVS Options, go to Advanced and make sure MPEG2Source("source",idct=7) is checked. This should speed up AviSynth's frameserving and result in slightly faster encodes from CCE. Select the Options menu one last time and go to CCE Options. Make sure CCE Basic (2.67+) is checked.

Select the Options menu one more time and click Setup at the bottom of the menu. This will give you a popup window where you can set the paths to the programs DVD Rebuilder will use. Click the button to the right of Path To CCE Basic to open a window where you can browse to the folder where you installed CCE. When you get to the correct folder (the default is C:\Program Files\Custom Technology\Cinema Craft Encoder Basic), select cct2.exe and click the Open button. The field to the left of the button should have the path you just selected. Further down, click the button to the right of Path to MPEG2DEC3DG and browse to the DVD Rebuilder folder. Select MPEG2DEC3dg.dll and click the Open button. You also need to check the box next to Add to AVS file. Finally, on the right side of this window are two lists - Audio To Remove and Subpictures To Remove. Any languages checked here will automatically be removed when DVD Rebuilder makes your backup. The Audio list is for audio streams and the Subpicture list is for subtitles. You can choose to remove or keep any audio streams on a disc by disc basis as well, but subpicture selections are only available in the Setup window. To keep only a single language, click the Check All button below that list and then scroll to the language you want to keep and uncheck it. If you're setting this for all discs, make sure to click the Save button (separately for audio and subpictures) or else the settings will only apply to your current project.
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Table of Contents

  1. 1. introduction
  2. 2. Installing and configuring the software
  3. 3. Ripping your DVD
  4. 4. Running DVD Rebuilder
Written by: Rich Fiscus