Compressing your DVDs with ratDVD

ratDVD is a tool that you can use to compress full DVDs (including full menus, extras, multiple audio, subtitles and angles) to much smaller .ratDVD files. It was written as a way to create smaller files that can be shared on the Internet easier and also include the extra material that would usually be cut out. However, because it is able to significantly reduce the size of the entire DVD, it is also a nice backup tool. The program will also convert ratDVD files back to DVD files so they can be burned to disc and viewed on a stand-alone player.

Introduction & Requirements


- ratDVD cannot handle copy protected DVDs, therefore you need to have content that is not CSS encrypted

To use ratDVD you have to be running Microsoft Windows XP currently. You will also need to install DirectX 9, Windows Media Player 10 and a software DVD player like WinDVD for example. The goal in this guide is to convert a DVD (7.86GB) to a single .ratDVD file keeping all the extra's, audio, menus and subtitles.

Since ratDVD cannot handle copy protected DVDs, you need to have a DVD that is not CSS protected.

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Introduction & Requirements
  2. 2. Ripping DVDs
  3. 3. Processing with ratDVD
Written by: James Delahunty