Open DVD in ratDVD

The first thing you have to do is Open ratDVD. When you have it opened, click the Open button and browse to the folder you ripped the DVD to with DVD Decrypter. Look in the VIDEO_TS folder and select the VIDEO_TS.IFO file. You will now see some information on the DVD appear on ratDVD.

Select Titles to Keep

By default everything will be selected, that is the aim of this guide. However if you want to remove a title, you can simply deselect it with your mouse and it will not be in the resulting .ratDVD file. To check what a certain item is before you remove it, select it with your mouse and then click the play button. It will playback without audio, but it will give you an indication of what it is.

I have had different results with playback of titles in ratDVD, it seems to work for some DVDs and not for others.

Quality setting

There is a very simply slide bar on ratDVD that allows you to pick whether you want a smaller file or a higher quality encode. I currently have it set to 95. The closer you go to 0 the lesser the quality and the closer to 150, the higher the quality. A setting of 150 would produce nice quality but a much larger file.

Audio and subtitles settings

You can choose to remove audio and subtitles tracks. By default, ratDVD will select AC3 5.1 audio to convert. This means that the audio will be converted to AC-3 VS. Dolby Virtual Surround AC-3 uses the way your ears works to generate a surround feeling from a 2-channel signal. By using Virtual Surround you're able to drop the AC3 bitrate from 384 Kbit/s down to 192kbit/s, while maintaining the surround feeling and superior quality.

Any DTS audio will automatically be set to remove because of how large DTS audio tracks are. You can change any settings you want here.

Begin Conversion

Begin conversion by clicking the large DVD --> ratDVD button shown.

How long will the process take?

There isn't really anyway to predict how long the program will take. It depends on the DVD itself. Conversion of my 25th Hour DVD took about 5 hours in total.

Obviously removing items from the DVD will make the process a lot shorter, or you can also try programs like MenuShrink to convert motion menu's to still menus if your DVD has huge menu's. The menu's MenuShrink will produce will encode much faster with ratDVD.

How to Play ratDVD files

To play a ratDVD file, simply double click it. That's it. It will open in Windows Media Player 10 and playback just as the DVD would playback.

Navigation through the ratDVD file

In order to move to the next chapter or select an audio track or subtitles, simply right click on Windows Media Player and you will have the options.


It is important to remember that this is only the first version of ratDVD. Visit the software homepage for more information on it and what's planned for it. For a lot of people ratDVD will not be a good enough solution for backups, unless you store all your backups on your PC.

Version History

v1.0 -- 1st June, 2005, First version online (Dela)

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Introduction & Requirements
  2. 2. Ripping DVDs
  3. 3. Processing with ratDVD
Written by: James Delahunty