After the program files are installed the configuration tool for commercial encoders will run. If you have Cinema Craft Encoder or Canopus ProCoder installed this will set all the required options for DVD-RB to use them. If you don''t need to configure DVD-RB to use either of these encoders click the Cancel button to complete the installation process. If you want to run the configuration tool later there will be a shortcut in the Windows Start Menu group for DVD-RB.

Basic Configuration

Before you make your first backup you should set some basic options in DVD-RB. There are a lot of options, but until you've made your first successful backup you should leave most of them at their default value, particularly if you''re not 100% sure what they mean. Also, some settings may change from one backup to the next.

If you''re not using one of the commercial encoders, or didn't complete the Commercial Encoder Configuration process the default encoder will be HC. If you want to use a different encoder go the Mode menu and select your preferred encoder from the list at the top.

Language Removal

You can set DVD-RB to automatically remove certain languages. On the Settings menu select Setup to open the General Setup window. At the bottom you'll find the complete list of languages defined by the DVD-Video standard. The list on the left is for audio streams and the list on the right is for subtitles. Languages selected in these lists will be automatically be set to be removed from DVD all backups. You can override these settings for specific backups. The buttons below the lists will select all languages or no languages. Make sure you click the Save button after making any changes.
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Table of Contents

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Installation
  3. 3. Configuration
  4. 4. Backing Up A DVD
  5. 5. Additional Options
Written by: Rich Fiscus