The General Setup window also has a Special Settings section on the right side where you can set whether DTS audio streams are removed by default and whether your selected MPEG encoder will run minimized. At the top of the window are the paths to several programs DVD-RB Pro may need to function properly. Make sure the Path to entry for whichever encoder you plan to use is correct. To change the path click the folder icon to the right of whichever item you want to set. The Path to Decoder always needs to be set.

Making Your First Backup

Now that you have all the necessary options setup you're ready to start making backups. Since DVD-RB doesn''t have a built-in ripper you have to start by ripping the DVD with another program. Once you have it ripped, start DVD-RB.

At the top of the window are three text boxes. The top one, labeled Source Path, list the location where the files from the original DVD are. The middle box lists the Working Path - the folder DVD-RB will create new MPEG files. The bottom box shows the Output Path, which is where the new DVD files will be written. To change any of these, click the folder icon to the right of the text box and browse to the desired folder.

Select Audio & Subtitles

Once DVD-RB loads the files from the Source Path, a list of Video Title Sets will appear in the middle of the window on the left side. Click on any of the listed title sets and you'll see a list of audio streams to the right under Audio Streams To Keep and a list of subtitle streams further to the right under Subtitles To Keep. Each one has a checkbox next to it, indicating whether it will be in the final DVD. Audio and subtitles you've selected to always be removed (during the configuration process) are automatically unchecked. To remove audio or subtitles, select the Video Title Set from the list on the left and uncheck the check boxes next to the streams you want to remove. If a title set has more than one title you should be sure which streams belong to which title before you uncheck them.

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Installation
  3. 3. Configuration
  4. 4. Backing Up A DVD
  5. 5. Additional Options
Written by: Rich Fiscus