Starting The Install

Run the installer. If you don''t already have AviSynth installed it will prompt you to install it. Click the OK button and the AviSynth installer will start. When you get the option to select components you can choose to have AviSynth scripts associated with Notepad and Media Player Classic 6.4. If you have Media Player Classic on your computer it''s a good idea to select that option because it''s a good program to preview scripts with and some other media players won''t play them correctly.

The Main Installer

After AviSynth is installed (or if it was previously installed) the main DVD-RB installation will start. When you reach the Select Components window leave the default selection of Full Installation. Even if you aren''t going to use everything that''s being installed it''s less than 13MB for everything.

You''ll be prompted to select directories for the Work Folder and OutPut Folder. The Work Folder is where DVD-RB creates the files it uses during the re-encoding process. The files in this folder may take as much as 4GB of disk space. The OutPut Folder is where the final files for the new DVD will be written. For a typical backup using DVD-RB''s default settings these files will take a total of 4.32GB, although they may take slightly more space.
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Table of Contents

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Installation
  3. 3. Configuration
Written by: Rich Fiscus