Editing a DVD with DvdReMake - Part I

DvdReMake, or DRM, is a piece of software that allows you to edit a DVD. There are two different versions, DvdReMake and DvdReMake Pro, both of which can be used for basic editing like removing entire titles or menus, hiding menu buttons, and stripping angles from titles. Additionally, the Pro version allows you to remove ILVU (aka interleaving or seamless branching), perform extensive menu editing (removing, adding, or editing the commands for buttons), and advanced title or menu editing (adding, removing, or replacing chapters or cells).

Unlike many other DVD editing tools, DRM is commercial software. There are free trials for both versions, which you can use to follow along with most of this guide. The only limitation is that you can't export the files.

This guide is really part one of at two. If you're already familiar with the basic functionality of the software (ie most of the things you can do with the basic version) you can skip this first part and go straight to the second (when I get it done).

The second guide will cover things like stripping angles, removing ILVU, and some basic menu editing. It won't include the basics covered in this guide. Each guide is a walk-through for editing a specific DVD. For this one I'm going to fit Once Upon A Time In Mexico on a single DVD-R, removing many of the extras, but keeping full menu functionality for everything that's left.

Everything in this guide can be done with the basic version of DRM, but the second guide will require DRM Pro for many steps.

Required Software

DVD Shrink
DVD Remake 2.3.4 or DVD Remake Pro 2.3.4


DvdReMake doesn't have an installer. Simply unzip the files to whatever folder you want to run them from and they're ready to go. DVD Shrink has a simple installer. Just run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions.

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Introduction and requirements
  2. 2. Getting started
  3. 3. Starting with the ReMake
  4. 4. Time to start editing
  5. 5. Deciding what to keep
  6. 6. Editing menus and exporting
Written by: Rich Fiscus