Editing Menus

We're done with our basic editing, so now it's time to clean up the menus. DVD menus essentially have two parts, the video (and audio if there is any), and the commands. While the graphics for a button are contained in the video, all actions associated with them (ie navigating to them with your remote, highlighting them, and selecting them to run commands) are contained in the commands.

When you remove a button with DRM, the button it will still appear to be there, but you can no longer do any of the things formerly associated with it. When you use the arrow buttons on your remote, you won't even be able to highlight it.

The first thing you should do is preview each menu to see if you need to keep it. Besides the menu transitions that I already mentioned, there may be other menus that only have buttons to play things you've already removed.

When you do this, you should notice that the Audio Setup and Commentaries menus aren't any use to you because there's only one language stream left. Since neither menu has any other purpose, you can safely remove them.


Next you need to go back to the first menu and look at the actual buttons. Each button will appear as a red box, and when you move the mouse pointer over it the box will be highlighted. If you right-click on a highlighted button, a popup menu will give you the option Hide Button. This will effectively remove the button, but give you the option to restore it later.

If you're using DRM Pro, there will be additional options - Delete Button, Edit Button, and Copy Button Command. The last two will be covered in the next guide, so I won't explain them here. Delete Button, on the other hand, is the exception to the rule that DRM doesn't actually remove anything. If you delete a button you can't restore it later, so I don't recommend doing this, but as long as you don't need to restore it later it won't cause any problems.

Starting with the menu furthest to the left in the Blocks List, preview every menu and remove any button that links to something you've removed. Since there are motion menus, that will mean removing the same button from multiple menus in some cases. Make sure you get all of them.

I won't bother listing all the buttons that need to be removed because you should be able to figure it out based on what you've removed.

Export Your Project

Now that you've finished your editing, you need to export the project as DVD files. Before exporting, it's a good idea to save it. I've never had DRM (or Windows) crash while I was exporting, but I wouldn't want to risk having to start a project over if it did.

To export, click the second button from the left on the toolbar. You'll see a dialog to select an export directory. Remember, DRM doesn't make a VIDEO_TS folder for you automatically. Select the directory to write the files to and click the Select button. It will take a few minutes for the export. When it's done, the DVD files will be ready to burn. If you didn't put them in a VIDEO_TS folder, make sure you do that before burning.

Part II (Coming Soon)

The next installment of this guide will explain more advanced operations, some of which are only available in the Pro version of DRM. For that guide I'll use Beauty And The Beast Special Edition, and show you how to fit that DVD-9 to a single DVD-R with no compression.

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Written by: Rich Fiscus
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