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Configure Nero AAC Compression

AAC, or Advanced Audio Coding, is a relatively new format largely intended as a replacement for MP3. It's used most famously by Apple for the iTunes store, and as a result there are many portable media players capable of handling it. It's also considered a little more efficient, resulting in smaller files for comparable quality.

Compression Options

Select Compression Options from the EAC menu. Go to the External Compression tab and check the box marked Use external program for compression.

Required Software

Nero Digital AAC Encoder

Nero's free AAC audio encoder is capable of producing high quality MPEG-4 or MPEG-2 AAC files either by itself, or more commonly through a third party GUI. EAC includes the capability to run third party command-line tools like the Nero encoder.

Compression Options

Parameter Passing Scheme must be set to User Defined Encoder and the File extension to .mp4 or .m4a. Use the Browse button to locate cmd.exe in your Windows folder (C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe or C:\Winnt\System32) so EAC can run it for you. This is actually not the Nero encoder, but rather the Windows program to open a command prompt to run the encoder.

See below for how to construct the Additional command line options. This will not only create the MP4 file, but also add tags. You may already be familiar with the ID3 tags used for MP3 files. This encoder's tags are different but perform the same function of identifying the song to media player software.

Some Sample Command Lines

/c C:\"Program Files\Nero AAC Encoder"\neroaacenc.exe -q 0.45 -if %s -of %d && C:\"Program Files\Nero AAC Encoder"\Neroaactag.exe" %d -meta:artist="%a" -meta:album="%g" -meta:track="%n" -meta:title="%t" -meta:genre="%m" -meta:year="%y"
Encode at a quality of 0.45. The quality range (-q 0.45 in the example above) must be between 0.01 and 1.00.
/c C:\"Program Files\Nero AAC Encoder"\neroaacenc.exe -br 192000 -if %s -of %d && C:\"Program Files\Nero AAC Encoder"\Neroaactag.exe" %d -meta:artist="%a" -meta:album="%g" -meta:track="%n" -meta:title="%t" -meta:genre="%m" -meta:year="%y"
Encode at an average (variable) bitrate of 192kbps.
/c C:\"Program Files\Nero AAC Encoder"\neroaacenc.exe -cbr 256000 -if %s -of %d && C:\"Program Files\Nero AAC Encoder"\Neroaactag.exe" %d -meta:artist="%a" -meta:album="%g" -meta:track="%n" -meta:title="%t" -meta:genre="%m" -meta:year="%y"
Encode at a constant bitrate of 192kbps. Constant bitrate (CBR) encoding is generally not recommended as it yields inferior quality to VBR at similar file sizes.

Checking Delete WAV file after compression gets rid of the (uncompressed) audio file ripped from the CD after the MP4 file is created. Check for external program's return code ensures you get any errors from the encoder if there are problems.

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Introuction
  2. 2. Basic Ripping and Naming Options
  3. 3. Configure FLAC Compression
  4. 4. Configure Nero AAC Compression
  5. 5. Configure LAME MP3 Compression
Written by: Rich Fiscus

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