DVD Shrink Error? Fix DVD files with FixVTS

Sometimes software that opens DVD-Video compilations - like DVD Shrink and VobBlanker - will encounter errors in the process. If this happens, it is often due to any number of different inconsistencies in the DVD compilation. FixVTS can scan for these issues and fix them very quickly, without affecting your files negatively in any way.

Introduction & Requirements

Software you must download and install
 Required: FixVTS is a lightweight application. Download FixVTS and extract the download files with WinRAR or similar into any folder. Download!

For such a small program, FixVTS can be a very useful tool if you backup a lot of DVDs, particularly if they are new DVDs and you use old tools such as DVD Shrink.

FixVTS Interface

FixVTS is a very simple program to understand and get used to. There are three main options that you can choose to change on the FixVTS program, and we should take a quick look at them now.

Remove unref. and blank cells: With this option selected, any unreferenced material on the DVD (absent from IFO) will be removed by FixVTS. If you used DVD Shrink a lot, you will notice there is a lot of Unreferenced Material on DVDs. With DVD Shrink you can of course convert that material to still frames and save some space, but FixVTS can handle it here before you even use DVD Shrink.

Fix wrong PGC LBA pointers: This adjusts the First VOBU start LBA, Last VOBU start LBA and Last VOBU End LBA in PGCs when these LBAs are obviously bogus and remaps a cell if it references something wrong.

In place (no backup): If this option is selected, then FixVTS will process the files without making it possible to restore a backup. FixVTS won't damage your video files, but if you would prefer a backup, then don't select this option.

Open DVD files in FixVTS

Click Open and navigate to your DVD folder. Depending on what VOB files you select, you will have an option later to simply "cleanup" that particular VTS or to process the entire DVD. This article aims to make my DVD files work with DVD Shrink so I'm going to process the entire DVD so it doesn't matter what file i select.

I opened VIDEO_TS.VOB.

Start The Process

Before you begin, think again about whether you want FIxVTS to make a Backup or not. If you are only processing a particular VTS then click Cleanup, but if you want FixVTS to process the entire DVD, click Full DVD.

Warning Message

Despite the fact that FixVTS will only make a DVD-Video compilation more compliant than it was (which is good!), you will still receive this warning (above) if you have chosen to perform the backup "In place". This is a "just in case" warning, but I have never encountered a bad DVD after it was processed with FixVTS.

The Process

The entire process should not take too long, but of course it depends on your settings and the actual DVD itself. In most cases though (and especially if there is no backup) its only a matter of a couple of minutes.

Finishing Up

If everything went well the program will simply say "Done...". And that's that, very simple very so effective. You can now try your DVD files with DVD Shrink or another program again.


If you have any problems, please visit our Discussion Forums and ask your questions there. Thanks to Jeanl for yet another invaluable contribution to us all
Written by: James Delahunty