Guide to using ABC (Another BitTorrent Client)

ABC stands for another BitTorrent client, and rightly so as there are a lot of BT clients floating around now. ABC is based on BitTornado. It has the features you would come to expect from a BT client and in my experience is very fast and reliable. In this guide we will cover the introduction to BitTorrent, downloading with ABC and configuring ABC. We will not cover (yet) creating torrent files. If you read through the full guide then you will be more than ready to begin downloading and sharing with ABC.


All you need for this guide is to have ABC installed.

Download ABC from here.

That's all you will need to run ABC.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to BitTorrent.
1.1. Torrent Files.
1.2. Trackers.
1.3. Seeds, Peers and Leechers.
1.4. Torrent Listing Sites.
1.5. The importance of Uploading.
2. Introduction to ABC.
2.1. ABC buttons.
2.2. Preferences - Queue.
2.3. Preferences - Timeouts.
2.4. Preferences - Network.
2.5. Preferences - Misc.
2.6. Global Upload Settings.
3. Downloading with ABC.
3.1. Health.
3.2. Downloading File Details.
3.3. Share Ratio.
3.4. Download/Upload Priority.
3.5. Selective File Downloading (Removing files from a torrent that you don't want to download).
4. Other.
4.1. Other Bit Torrent clients and Info
5. Finally.

Later editions of this guide will have more features listed.

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Introduction & Requirements
  2. 2. Introduction to BitTorrent
  3. 3. Introduction to ABC
  4. 4. Downloading with ABC
  5. 5. Other
Written by: James Delahunty