2. Introduction to ABC.

ABC is another BT client. It is based on BitTornado which was based on the original BT client by Bram Cohen. The interface is a lot different as you can see, as its made to handle multiple torrent whereas the original client was made just to handle one. There are a fair few buttons on the client and the next section will show you what each of these are. What we are going to do for the first part of this guide is, configure ABC for best performance. There are a couple of things you should be aware of, mainly that ISP's have begun blocking or limiting port ranges that are mainly used by P2P applications. For that reason it is better to use a range of ports.

2.1. ABC buttons.

I put together this gif in about 5-10 minutes so its nothing special but basically it shows you exactly what all the buttons are. A question people always ask is what is the difference between On-Hold and Pause. The difference is when something is on hold, all the data from it stays in memory so it will be quicker starting when you resume. Pause will basically stop all activity in the torrent and remove all memory information, which will be gathered again when the torrent is resumed. It's important that you get used to the buttons for efficient use of the program.

2.2. Preferences - Queue.

Click Action --> Preferences. These settings kind of explain themselves. If you set a Maximum number of downloads, but add more torrents than that number, then some will be paused. It is a good idea to keep the next torrent trigger set to Seeding and default priority for new torrents to Normal. You should also keep the status set to pause when a torrent fails. With that done, click Timeouts.

2.3. Preferences - Timeouts.

Timeouts are a nice factor to set to ensure that traffic keeps going. Basically here are some options to reduce a torrents priority and force it into queue if a certain event takes place. For example, you have two torrents downloading and one of them is set to High priority and the other low. The torrent on high priority cant connect for 15 minutes but keeps trying and so the torrent on Low priority is losing out too because the program is focusing more on a torrent that is obviously having problems. So you can set these to any specifications you want but the default settings should be OK

2.4. Preferences - Network.

These settings are important. The default ports BT uses are 6881 - 6999 usually. You are better off changing your port to something else. I have chosen 50505 - 50606, that's just a random figure I thought up myself, you should think up some at random too. ISP's have begun blocking or limiting the default ports as a way to try tackle the bandwidth used on P2P networks by users. You should definitely leave Kick/Ban clients that send you bad data selected as well as Don't allow multiple connections from the same IP. Retrieve scrape data is best left unticked. Now that we've gone through that, click on the Misc. tab.

2.5. Preferences - Misc.

The misc preferences have a few extra useful things to add. You should leave on Remove .torrent backup file when using remove unless of course you'd rather keep your collection of torrents. Minimize ABC client to tray basically means that when you hit the minimize button it will go to the system tray, this can be good if you like to open a lot of programs at once. I highly recommend keeping Confirm on exit program selected because it means when you click the close button it will ask are you sure you want to close ABC. I don't know how many times I've closed important things in the passed by accident, ethos feature can eliminate this problem. You can also set a default download folder is you wish, then you will not be asked where to save files (this is why the second add button is on the main window of the program).

2.6. Global Upload Settings.

Next thing we will take a look at is Global Upload Settings. Click Action --> Global Upload Setting. Maximum uploads should be left at 5 if you are on a normal broadband connection. If you are one of the lucky ones with a nice 10MB upload or so, then you should set this figure higher. You can also limit your upload if you want, but be warned, if you leave it too low, then you'll be seen as a leecher and will end up most likely getting banned from trackers. The good thing about this program is it allows you to select a maximum upload when there is no downloading too. Upload option for completed file would be very best set at Unlimited upload. Mine here is set to the default of continuing for 30 minutes. That is a setting that is best changes as sharing is what keeps torrents alive. The best part here is that you can set it to continue until you reach a certain share ratio. 100% is a good setting as it means you've uploaded just as much as you have downloaded, but setting it higher is best for the network. When you are done selecting your settings, click Apply.

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Introduction & Requirements
  2. 2. Introduction to BitTorrent
  3. 3. Introduction to ABC
  4. 4. Downloading with ABC
  5. 5. Other
Written by: James Delahunty
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