3. Downloading with ABC.

After you have installed ABC, simply clicking a link to a .torrent file will download it automatically and add it to your download list. Also you can use either of the Add buttons to open torrent files you save onto your computer. Go back to the section about torrent listing sites and check them out, when you find something you'd like to download and share, click the torrent link.

3.1. Health.

You can tell the health of a download in ABC by looking at the color of the text on the download. Red means that you are not yet connected to any peers. If the torrent stays red then it may not be active anymore. Gray means it is waiting to connect to the tracker. Yellow means you haven't gotten any incoming connections from other users yet, this light may change. If it doesn't it is likely that your ports are not reachable from the Internet possibly because you are using a router and haven't configured port forwarding or because your ISP has your connection firewalled, you should try change the ports if you cant get rid of the Yellow. Blue means there are no complete files in all the users, but don't worry, you may not have yet connected to any and it's possible to still download the full file as long as all the pieces are in the hands of the peers. Green means everything is going fine.

3.2. Downloading File Details.

Click on a downloading torrent and click the Torrent Details button. What you will get will look something like the pic I've provided, only I've destroyed all data on what torrent is currently in use. As you can see you get your file list. You also have the possibility to alter priority on files, or set which files are downloaded first. You can do that simply by right clicking on a file. You can't really change any more settings, just view the announce URL and the file hash.

3.3. Share Ratio.

Time for just a little word on file ratios. A ratio over 1.000 means that you have uploaded more than you have downloaded and this is a good ratio. I have seen users with ratios over 10.000, that's amazing. Users like that are vital to BitTorrent, they keep torrents alive and fast for a long time. Obviously enough, to improve your ratio on a torrent, keep it uploading even after it is finished downloading. This is something that is expected at minimum from users, so people should really stick to more than the minimum or don't use BitTorrent at all. I understand that some users are afraid of uploading a lot because maybe their ISP will be unhappy about that, or they are afraid there is monitoring going on of people who are uploading. While these seem legit reasons not to upload much, it is not good enough. If a user cannot do the minimum, then that user should not use BitTorrent. It sounds cruel, but its the only way to keep torrents alive. This is P2P, this is not a download free for all. Some sites keep a share ratio of members, over a long time it can be very hard to keep a good ratio, but if you make sure each torrent you download has a ratio of over 1.000 when you finish uploading, then your overall ratio should stay ok.

3.4. Download/Upload Priority.

To change priority of files on your ABC list, you simply have to right click them and you will see where you can set the priority. Don't set all to very high as it wont make a difference then but if you have multiple torrents going, then you should separate them by priority if there are any you would wish to finish quicker.

3.5. Selective File Downloading.

I've already mentioned how this can be achieved, go back to the torrent settings and find files you don't want to download, right click and you can set them not to be downloaded. Don't do this with too many files however, as if you think about it, if everybody did it, it would be bad for the spreading of files.
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  2. 2. Introduction to BitTorrent
  3. 3. Introduction to ABC
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Written by: James Delahunty
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